Theo’s First Birthday

I was so pumped for Theo’s first birthday, and started planning it shortly after he was born. However, then COVID hit and all plans changed. It actually worked out really well though, since so many friends and family would not have been able to celebrate with us in person.

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We decided to have a ZOOM party instead of a big birthday. Theo’s Granna and Pops, and his Goddaddies came for the party (in the backyard), and everyone else attended via ZOOM.

We made a short video of Theo’s first year, and played that via a screen share while we got Theo ready for his cake smash. I said a few words, and then we cake smashed! The whole party was about 10-15 minutes and I think everyone had a great time. However, I thought Theo would enjoy his cake a lot more than he did LOL!

We are so thankful that our friends and family, near and far, could celebrate Theo’s birthday with us this way!!!

Have you attended a ZOOM birthday party this year?

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