A day in the life of: a one year old!

Most days, I am shocked that I have a one year old. He changes so quickly these days. I swear he masters a new skill every day! Yesterday, it was using his school bus to climb on top of his Montessori shelves, so that was pretty neat *sarcasm*.

Below is the schedule we loosely follow most days. Today went a little differently, but we just roll with it!

We both woke up late today. Well, I woke up around 845 am. I heard him on the monitor much earlier than that, but we both fell back asleep. I had to wake him back up at 9 am to get our day started. And I recognize exactly how lucky I am to have a baby who sleeps in. When he does sleep in past 8 am, it messes up his nap, so today was a little wonky due to our late start.

He immediately sat down for breakfast. Every morning he gets pancakes with butter and a yogurt pouch, and he L O V E S that breakfast. Even if he barely eats or is super picky the rest of the day, I know that if I feed him this breakfast, he will be off to a good start. Right after breakfast, he nursed for 15 minutes or so, and we got our day started with a photo shoot for Belle Lane Designs. Just look at this cutie!! We had fun, but a photo shoot with a toddler, by yourself, at home is a lot of work. I needed a little break after that, so we went into the playroom for some independent play and TV time.

Before we knew it, it was time for lunch and a nap. Most days, he has a pouch and a granola bar for lunch. Again, this is something I can count on him consistently eating.

Dad was working from home today, so I ran a few errands at lunchtime. By the time I got back home, Theo’s babysitter had arrived. She comes once a week so I can do errands and/or work on my blog. They played upstairs while I did chores and got some work done on my laptop.

Caroline left at 5 pm and Theo had some homemade chicken salad, club crackers, and mandarin oranges (his favorite). Again, oranges are another food I can always count on him eating. The chicken salad was hit or miss but the kid loves club crackers. We do a bath every other night, so tonight was an “off” night. After dinner Theo played upstairs with Dad and bedtime came around very early tonight. Remember when I said that our schedule gets way off when we sleep in? He only took *maybe* an hour long nap today, so he was in for an early bedtime. He thankfully went down without a fuss. Dad reported that he crawled over to the baby gate in the play room, laid down, and started sucking his thumb around 6 pm LOL. He L O V E S sleep, almost as much as he loves pancakes.

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