Dollar Store DIY: holiday sensory bin

A few weeks ago, we were supposed to have a very rainy week and I started to get nervous, since Theo is old enough now to need some sort of activity every day. Most days, an afternoon walk will suffice, but not in the rain!

I decided to check out our local dollar store and see if I could grab some seasonal items to entertain Theo. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money, so the dollar store was definitely the place to go to fill up the basket, which I also found there.

I selected items that could tie back to the 5 senses. Theo’s favorite sense is definitely taste, since everything goes in his mouth anyway!

Taste: candy canes, but I left them wrapped

Smell: scented pinecones

Sound: Christmas bells

Touch: gift bows, pipe cleaners

Sight: red and color themed items

Hopefully this post will inspire you to make your own “rainy day” sensory basket! Also, I’m toying with the idea of selling kits to put in your own sensory basket or bin. Stay tuned for more details!

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