Mom Monday: Alex H.

For my very first non-autobiographical Mom Monday feature, I have Alex! Our babies are the same age. Alex is a badass mom, business owner, boss babe, and cancer survivor. Check out her side hustle for some amazing gift ideas (you’ll read more about it below). Use code “piecesofcake” for 15% off of your purchase. I really look up to Alex and all that she has accomplished.

Name(s) and age(s) of children
Warren James (1 year), Dexter (10 human years 70 dog years) 

Biggest parenting fail
I thought I was SUCH a good mom teaching Warren some sign language early.  WELL I thought I was teaching him more by him pointing to his palm.  Turns out it does not mean more and now he walks around doing it nonstop. 

Favorite concert
I love music and will go to a concert at a moment’s notice (as long as I can sit during it haha…old lady probz).  I have a long list of concerts that were amazing from a performance view, but my favorite concerts were the ones that had amazing experiences with them.  One time 5 years ago I was in the middle of my chemo treatments and had to stay in and miss out on a lot because of my immune system.  Well my counts were finally a little better between two of my treatments and the doctor had given me the okay to be around people for a few days until my next treatment.  That day an ice storm hit Atlanta and everything shut down (this wasn’t the massive one that made news the year before).  Things in our area of town cleared up pretty quick and a friend who worked in the entertainment industry told us to come by one of our favorite venues, Terminal West.  We decided to go for it and walked into a small crowd and it turned out it was imagine dragons practicing their European world tour before they got on their plane.  It was a stadium performance in a small venue and it was a crazy experience.  

You’re at home doing chores. What’s on as your background noise?
I listen to biographies on Audible nonstop (check out the highlight on my instagram)…some of my recent favorites: Bob Iger – didn’t know if I was going to like this one but listening to how he moved Disney into a new generation and his work with apple and pixar was so cool Clint hill – He was secret service for 5 presidents (including when Kennedy got shot).  In a time where politics are so polarizing it was a really interesting read to listen to his version of that time from a bipartisan standpoint Jessica Simpson – I know this is out there but TRUST ME it is so so so good she really opens up and you will not be able to put it down Demi Moore – WOW her voice is so soothing to listen to and she is an amazing storyteller 

Tell me something good that happened to you recently.
Back to Basic…of course mom stuff and husband stuff are all good, but if I’m thinking outside of that realm it has to be Back to Basic.  I have an amazing group of friends from a pregnancy facebook group (I know I know I still use facebook), but I can’t even describe the confidence and reinforcement this group has given me.  I still can’t believe I haven’t met them in person (yay pandemic).  They encouraged me to start this side hustle of back to basic.  For the first time I was doing something not for anyone but me.  It was a way to turn off the craziness of work and being a mom and trying to solve everyone’s problems.  It has come with some stress of making sure products are good enough and I’m as responsive as possible, but I remind myself that it doesn’t have to be perfect 24/7 and it will be more successful if I show my imperfections and embrace them.  

What has been the best/worst part about being a mom?
Loaded question.  Best has been watching my little family evolve, watching my husband become this amazing dad and feeling like we are in our own little world that I really enjoy living in.  The worst has been self doubt about everything, what kind of mom I am, my body, am I still being a good wife and partner etc…  My body has been through a lot, I have always been smaller and when I got chemo I got really small.  Then after chemo my body rebounded to the biggest it has been and it took me time to get comfortable with it.  Then I got back in shape and was working like crazy, and probably not eating as much as I should and I SURPRISE got pregnant (doctors had told me I couldn’t).  I had to slow down a lot with pregnancy and this was so new to me.  I gained a grand total of 76 lbs in pregnancy and the ups and downs of body image have been so hard for me.  I brush it off too much, because I am successful and good at what I do and have made this amazing family. Why should I be so silly to care about my weight, but it doesn’t work that way.   The biggest advice I would give to any new mom is to prioritize yourself be healthy be happy you are a better mom when you are. 

Outside of being a mom what are you most proud of?
I think a lot of people would assume my answer to this would be work related, and I am so proud of what I’ve been able to accomplish professionally, but I am most proud of relationships I have built.  Some of those might fall into professional category, but I have some amazing friendships and family relationships which aren’t always the easiest, but I prioritize it and work on it.  We all change through every piece of life and relationships can get hard during that whether it’s your spouse, your best friend, your siblings but adapting and learning how to communicate more efficiently as things change is so so so worth it.  I don’t open up easily but I like to be a sounding board for people and I love fixing other people’s problems (a little too much).  As I’ve gotten older and become a mom I’ve had to adapt that a bit, I can’t drop everything to fix things for others and I thought that made me a failure as a mom or a bad friend but it doesn’t it just means you adjust and adapt.  I’m really proud of how I’ve been able to do that and still show people that when I’m with them they are the priority and I’m here for them like they are here for me. 

Who is your celebrity crush?
This changes regularly but currently I’m binging Criminal Minds and I love me some nerdy Matthew Gray Gubler.  

If your life was a movie what would be the title?
The little engine that could

I thought it would also be cool to share some of my favorite things right now: 

  • I’m on video a lot for work during the day but nobody has time to put full makeup on.  My skin care routine has been completely redone by the wonderful Jojo (editor’s note: she will be featured here soon), and I have found quick products that help me look presentable for my meetings: 
  • Chalk markers: they work on everything and I love a list on the go, I use them to write on my mirror, on the kitchen counter anywhere I need to remember things
  • Fur Candle: Mom fail but I have zero time to decorate for Christmas and I buy these candles every year around this time of the year because it makes the house smell like I have a tree and it’s so soothing
  • Vicks Vaposhower: it’s cold season and I put these in the shower in the morning they clear me up and my little one too

Favorite baby/toddler buys right now: 

  • Slumberkins: great for kids of all ages teaching about emotions, they are even calming for me.  My son is OBSESSED he will not let them out of his sight, and his older nephews love reading the books to him because they help them learn about feelings and emotions. 
  • Cuties Diapers: Warren has super sensitive skin and all diaper rash goes away with these diapers.  You have to order them on Amazon (not in stores), but they are super cute and he never pees or poops through them (now that I’ve said that guarantee I get a blow out today) 
  • Munchkin weighted straw cup first thing to successfully transition us away from bottles
  • Camping High Chair: I don’t camp, but this high chair folds up into a tiny bag and it’s awesome to keep in the car.  We are currently at an airbnb and I strapped it to a dining chair and now he can sit at the table with us. (editor’s note: I don’t camp either, but this product is the absolute greatest of all time and we have 2 of them).

If you want to learn more about Alex, check out this spotlight post by Armoire Style! Armoire carries thousands of high-end styles for you to use in your own wardrobe. Use this link for 60% off of your first month. Also, run (don’t walk) to Back to Basic and get some stickers or ornaments for this year’s holiday season!!

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