Mom Monday: Kaitlin C.

For today’s Mom Monday, I am featuring Kaitlin of The Pretty Little Life Blog! She just built the most beautiful home, and has a gorgeous family. We also share a mutual love for all things Bravo! Please check her blog out – you’ll love it!!!

Name(s) and age(s) of children:
Chase Cristian, 14 months

Biggest parenting fail:
Recently since Chase is starting to walk I feel like all he’s doing is hurting himself. This phase is a tough time for both mommy & baby!! A few weeks ago Chase fell as he was walking and gashed his chin open which resulted in an emergency visit to our pediatrician. Not one day later, he was being wild and flipped himself right off our changing table. Luckily I kind of grabbed him as best I could and we have a soft carpet below, but I swear I never cried so hard! It was one of those weeks where I felt like a total failure as a mother.

Favorite concert:
Backstreet boys!!

Favorite travel destination:

You’re at home doing chores. What’s on as your background noise?  
Bravo, Bravo, Bravo Or Paw Patrol. I also really love to zone out to a good podcast while Chase is sleeping and I’m relaxing in the bath or busy doing errands.

Tell me something good that happened to you recently. 
Chase started saying, “love you” and it’s the cutest thing ever! Even on the hardest days he makes me so happy and this age is SO fun!! Seeing his little personality start to show and how much he learns day-by-day is amazing.

Describe your ideal date night.
Getting all dressed up to go out to a nice dinner with my hubby! Now with quarantine and mom life though an ideal date night is my hubby cooking dinner, sitting by our outdoor fireplace, and having some drinks. My husband is the BEST cook and I’m very spoiled.

What has been the best/worst part about being a mom?
The best part is that there’s this little person who thinks you are the center of their world! The unconditional love I not only have for him, but he has for me is truly beyond comprehension. It’s a love I never knew existed.

The worst part or hardest part for me is two fold. I would say it’s the constant worrying about your child and the isolation. As a mother it’s practically part of our jobs to worry, but sprinkle a little postpartum on top and it became very consuming for me. The social isolation is also very difficult. I had a baby before a lot of my friends, so I felt like they couldn’t relate to my new normal. It was hard to not have anyone to talk to or bounce things off of. It became extremely depressing and hard when we all went into quarantine. Because I was so anxious when Chase was a baby and was battling my own postpartum, I basically stayed in the house the first 6 months of his life until he was vaccinated. Almost immediately once I became comfortable enough to venture out the pandemic happened. I feel like we have been in our house since September 2019, but I wouldn’t trade this time with my baby boy for anything. 

Outside of being a mom what are you most proud of? 
I’m most proud of building my first home with my husband and my new blog The Pretty Little Life.

Who is your celebrity crush?
Liam Hemsworth 

If your life was a movie what would be the title?
The Tale of the Stay at Home Princess  

What is your most unpopular opinion? 
Mayo is the best condiment and I would eat it straight out the jar

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