My pregnancy/breastfeeding safe skin care routine

I am going to take you through my entire skincare routine in this post (buckle up, it’s a long one LOL). I am still breastfeeding, so everything shared here is safe for breastfeeding or pregnant women. I am really happy with the products I am using, and the only change I plan to make is to add in a retinoid whenever I stop nursing Theo.

I am a litttttle bit obsessed with skincare, and it started back in March whenever we went into lockdown. I invested *generously* in my skin, and it’s really paid off. I have especially noticed a difference in the texture of my skin. I have a before and after screenshot so you can see how much a good skin care routine can change your skin! This is after 3 months of regular (but not perfect) skincare.


In the shower, I use the Revision Papaya Enzyme Cleanser. It smells so nice and always leaves my face feeling so fresh!

I don’t like washing my face at the sink, so I use the La Mer Micellar Cleansing Water if I am going to be cleansing outside of the shower. I love this particular micellar water, even if it is bougie AF.


My old faithful toner is the PCA Nutrient Toner. It smells like pumpkin pie and it’s so lovely. However, I am about to run out, so I just ordered Skin By Blair’s Tonic which she just released on Thanksgiving Day. I will share my feedback on that on my Instagram (peep my Skincare highlight).


I have a few different serums that I rotate between for different reasons, so let’s review now.

I use the Obagi Vitamin C 20% Serum in the mornings. It smells really nice, which is important because some of them really stink, and it gives me a nice glow! It’s expensive but a little bit goes a long way so this bottle should last me a while.

The Revision Revox 7 serum pretty unique in that it’s not going to replace your retinoid, or your hylauronic acid, or your vitamin C. You use it in conjunction with some or all of those products, to combat fine lines and wrinkles. For a pregnant or breastfeeding mom who cannot get Botox, this is a great alternative!

I love La Mer The Concentrate. It smells great. It makes my skin feel phenomenal after I use it. It really helps calm any redness in your skin. However, at $200 for .05 oz? I will not be repurchasing this unless I suddenly come into a large sum of money. There are plenty of nice, if not nicer serums on the market for half the price.

For my birthday, my parents got me a bottle of the Revision Hydrating Serum, which I have been eyeing for a long time. My ‘The Concentrate’ is almost out, and I needed a replacement. Well my friends, this serum is everything and then some. It feels great on my skin and I’ve already noticed a difference in my skin’s hydration, even only using it for just a few days.


Hands down, the best moisturizer I have ever used is Creme de la Blair. I wrote about it here, comparing it to Creme de la Mer. If you buy anything that I recommend here today, this moisturizer is IT. It is on the heavier side, but still not too heavy. I use it year-round.

This is a sample size!


My sunscreen of choice is the Revision Intellishade Tinted Moisturizer. It evens out your skin tone and provides some light coverage, while you are getting sun protection as well! If I am just going to the pool, or generally going outdoors without wanting to wear any makeup, I use this Obagi sunscreen.

Other Products that I love:

  • Revision Youthful Lip Replenisher: I use this EVERY night and I cannot fall asleep without it. Thanks to this product, I very rarely have to wear chapstick throughout the day anymore. It is very, very sticky so I put it on right before I go to sleep. I also just ordered the Laneige lip sleeping mask, so I am pretty excited to try it out
  • Obagi Vitamin C Microdermabrasion Mask: this mask is the best – the day after I use it, I am simply glowing. It gives you a huge dose of vitamin C, as well as it’s the next best thing to getting microdermabrasion at the spa, which is my favorite treatment. The key to this mask is warming up the container in warm water before you apply, so that it’s easier to work with. I create a little “bath” in my skin for the container before I take a shower, and apply when I am out of the shower. I did this mask the other night, and my skin still feels so smooth.
  • Spa headband: just putting this on before you do a mask makes you feel like you are at a spa. Well, not really, but it’s about as close as I will get any time soon!
  • Tan Luxe The Gradual: this is the best self tanning product out there. It is light, easy to apply, smells great, not streaky, the color is flawless… Have I mentioned easy to apply? It does take a few applications to get noticeable color – but it says that right in the name.
  • The Original Makeup Eraser: I don’t wear a lot of makeup, but this makeup eraser washcloth is so soft and gentle on your skin, I use it for taking off my masks! Use code ECOFRIENDLY20 to get 20% off of your first order.
  • Brazilian Bum Bum Cream: this lotion smells heavenly and it is so moisturizing! I swear it has helped fade my stretch marks from pregnancy too. I also use their exfoliator and body wash!

An important note on premium skincare purchases on I just learned that products with the “premium beauty” or “professional beauty” badge on Amazon are either sourced directly from the manufacturer or an authorized retailer. It’s previously been a bit taboo to buy expensive beauty products on Amazon because of how many knockoff products are being sold on sketchy websites, but rest assured – you are safe to buy these things from Amazon, if you so choose! If you are ever unsure, I also recommend going to the manufacturer’s website to review their list of authorized retailers. For example, Revision Skincare is always “on sale” at Walmart, but they are not an authorized retailer.

What are your “holy grail” skincare products??

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