Dupe Scoop: Baby Hand and Face Wipes

We have containers of baby hand & face wipes all over our house. I had been buying the Johnson & Johnson ones, until a friend told me that Target has it’s own dupe for significantly cheaper!!

I prefer the scent of the Johnson and Johnson wipes, but the Up&Up ones do the trick! And the price is right. Also, the J&J wipes have a hard plastic dispenser, whereas the Target brand just has a sticky resealable top, which doesn’t look or feel as premium.

At Target.com you can buy the J&J Wipes (25 count) for $2.99 and the Up&Up brand for $1.72 – almost half the price!

Bottom line? I switched to the Up&Up wipes because the cost savings is so significant. And, it’s baby wipes. They all do the same thing! And as long as they don’t irritate baby’s skin, it’s all the same to me.

Do you have any favorite baby product dupes?

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