Mom Monday: Lindsey T.

I met Lindsey and her son at our local Kindermusik class! After *lightly stalking* her on the internet, we became buddies (ok, ok our Kindermusik teacher posted a link to her blog). Lindsey is officially my first *new* mom friend that I met in real life! Check out her blog Leawood Lane here!

Name(s) and age(s) of children
Jacob is 13 months old! I can’t even believe I have a one year old. 

Biggest parenting fail
Motherhood is such a learning experience! I’m always learning something new. My most recent fail would have to be buying toddler shoes. The sizes are confusing and every pair I buy just falls right off lol!! If you look closely at most pictures of us, he is just in his socks. Jacob is walking now so I need to actually figure this out. Please send me your tips! 

Favorite travel destination
I love to travel and can’t wait for this to be a thing again. We did a big vacation to Providenciales in Turks & Caicos for our 10 year wedding anniversary. We wanted one last trip before getting pregnant. It was absolutely amazing and the most beautiful beach vacation we’ve ever had. We talk about going back for my husband’s 40th in a few years. 

Tell me something good that happened to you recently.
I just got back from a weekend getaway to the Great Smoky Mountains with my sisters. We stayed in a cabin at the very top of a mountain with incredible views. We had the best time catching up over delicious food & wine. It really made me forget all about 2020 for a couple of days. 

Describe your ideal date night.
We try really hard to keep up with monthly date nights- it’s not easy! Our perfect date night would involve a wine bar and a delicious dinner… 131 Main is our favorite. We used to get uptown more, but we keep our dates close to home to maximize our time! It’s always so nice to have uninterrupted conversation, but we are always ready to come home right after dinner. We really are homebodies at heart. 

What has been the best/worst part about being a mom?
The worst part for me has been the limits of the pandemic. It’s been really hard trying to navigate what’s safe to do with him this year. He’s at an age where we are really ready to get out and do more. Our days are not what I would ever have imagined being a stay at mom to be. I’d never complain about it though- we are healthy and my heart is so full. 

The best part for me is watching Jacob’s personality bloom a little bit more every day! This age so much fun and his affectionate ways melt my heart. 

Outside of being a mom what are you most proud of?
I worked in education for 12 years as an elementary school teacher and Academic Facilitator before leaving to stay at home. I graduated with a Masters in Literacy 5 months before having Jacob. I poured my heart and soul into this work since I was 22 years old. Being a part of education is always something I will be proud of…teachers are superheroes! 

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