Mom Monday: Kristen G.

Today’s Mom Monday features my friend Kristen! We met in my ~Facebook Mom’s Group~ and have bonded over all things diaper bags and Peloton. She makes the cutest personalized denim jackets for kiddos. Read on to out more info about Kristen and her small business!!!

Name(s) and age(s) of children
Madison Rae (16 months) and Demi (7 year old beagle)

Favorite concert
Dave Matthews Band. I am ALWAYS listening to DMB and most people do not get it. I had to cancel my concerts this past summer and cannot wait to go back! 

Describe your ideal date night 
My ideal date night is not going out AT ALL. I love ordering in our favorite foods and watching Netflix together BUT I will say that because of quarantine I cannot wait to get dressed up and go back out again. 

What has been the best/worst part about being a mom?
The best part about being a mom is her looking at me and not having a care in the world, just being so happy. She knows I am there to take care of her. She truly is my BFF and little partner in crime. 

The worst is the worrying about every little thing since I’ve never done this before! Everything is new, so many questions. Beyond thankful to have my “mom group” on facebook aka my BFFs. 

If your life was a movie what would be the title?
“The Girl at The Dunkin’ Drive Thru” I drink so much Dunkin’ iced coffee it’s embarrassing! I will never give it up either. I am TRULY that meme that says “My biggest flaw is thinking I need a caffeinated beverage every time I leave the house”

What is your most unpopular opinion?
Honestly I have so many. I could never listen to another Taylor Swift song again and I would be fine. Please do not hate me. I also do not want to bring my child to Disneyworld. I absolutely will one day like every other mom but have you seen the parents there? Misery! 


Here is some more information from Kristen about KG Jackets!

I started KG Jackets because like most people quarantine was really getting to me. I was buying so many things for Madison online – purely out of boredom. I had followed a few accounts that made custom jackets and I thought to myself – I really have nothing but time here – maybe I can make them myself. I posted in my mom group about them and got a lot of great feedback so here we are! I think I have done close to 100 jackets which I really cannot even believe. In November/December I was working on a jacket almost every night.I have always had a regular 9-5 job and this is something so fun where I can be creative and do whatever I want. It is so rewarding to see the little minis in their jackets. It melts my heart everytime! Also it has been awesome connecting with a lot of other women who started a small business during quarantine, so many girl bosses out there!

Mention this blog post, and get free shipping on your jacket order!! DM Kristen at @kgjackets to order!

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