Mom Monday: Rayven A.

My friend Rayven is one of the funniest humans that I know. She has a YouTube channel, where she posts some mom content – cleaning videos (so satisfying!), product reviews, and much more. Her channel is on a temporary hiatus, while she gets ready for baby #2. Do yourself a favor also, and follow her on Instagram. Without further ado, meet Rayven!

Name(s) and age(s) of children
Wren Louise – 16 months
32 weeks pregnant with baby girl #2

Favorite concert
Ooh… tough. I have actually seen A LOT of performers live (thanks, Bonnaroo!) The concert that left me totally impressed was The Reputation Tour (Taylor Swift). She is just an incredible performer. I love Sam Smith though and his concerts always bring me to tears. My “craziest” concert experience was at an A$AP Ferg concert where I crowd surfed (see kids, mom IS cool!!!) 

Favorite travel destination
I really love Scotland, but Banff, Canada holds a special place in my heart since that is where we got married. 

What has been the best/worst part about being a mom?
The best thing about being a mom is watching your family transform – whether it’s baby developing their personality and skills or your partner falling into their new role as a parent, it’s a really beautiful experience. 

The worst part about being a mom is how much more gets added to your plate. Women typically carry the mental load of the family but having children only exacerbates it. Also, never using the bathroom alone ever again. 

Who is your celebrity crush?
I would let Tom Hardy ruin my life. 

If your life was a movie what would be the title?
Hm, I’m going to change this question a little to “book” instead of movie because my answers are better LOL 

Serious title ~life memoir~ would be: Learning to Fly (get it, because I’m named after a bird???)

Funny title would be: Are you serious John???It’s literally right in front of you: Navigating the Common Man 

What is your most unpopular opinion?

Here are a few:

-Grease 2 is an amazing movie

-The Beatles are just…ok

-John Mayer version of “Free Fallin” is superior (editor’s note: as much as I love Tom Petty, I agree with this unpopular opinion).

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