Bath time Favorites

Bath time with baby can be incredibly cute and fun. I am rounding up some of my favorite bath products, to make bath time fun for your little one!

I got freaked out by the stories of mold inside of bath toys causing eye infections (it’s so unlikely, yet I panicked), and I got rid of all of them. Now we just play with foam letters and bath books. My child won’t sit and read a regular book, but he loves playing with bath books.

This Dora bath toy is also a huge hit, since my child is obsessed with Dora the Explorer.

When Theo was really little, this oversized washcloth helped keep him warm in the bath and I absolutely recommend it for your newborn. We still use this whale cup to rinse off his body and hair! Our favorite hooded towels are from Monica + Andy (offering 2% cash back on Rakuten!)

It’s no secret though, that our absolute favorite bath products are from Tubby Todd. I’ve been using them since he was a newborn! They are gentle enough for new baby skin, but tough enough to tackle the toddler grime as well. The all over ointment has been a lifesaver for my skin, as well as Theo’s. Any patches of dry skin, are gone overnight with the ointment! Theo is also obsessed with the Watermelon toothpaste.

Until 9 PM EST on Sunday, January 31st, you can get 15% off of your Tubby Todd purchase using this link! The discount is normally 10%, and I know that every little bit helps.

What are your family’s favorite bath products for kids??

This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

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