Mom Monday: Kara C.

I am not sure if you’ve noticed a Mom Monday theme as of late, but I know the funniest moms. My friend Kara is an amazing writer, the best mom, and downright hysterical. Need proof? Check out her blog and get back to me. Also, she’s like, really tall, which as a really short person, this is a personality trait (LOL).

Name and age of child:
Dylan Kate (17 months)


Biggest Parenting Fail:
I have a ton, but one that comes to mind is fairly recent. Dylan was standing in her toddler tower and I was looking in the fridge, hoping food would appear. I was looking for far too long and eventually, heard a thud. I turn around and she is face down on our wood floor, crying. Dylan dove head first out of one of the openings in the tower about a foot or so off the ground. I kept a close eye on all her all day, and she seemed fine, but that was definitely my bad. That could have, for sure, been avoided. 

Favorite Concert:
Any outdoor country concert. I love people watching and expensive beers.

You’re at home doing chores. What’s on as your background noise:
A podcast. Anything Bravo, comedy, and health related. I love: Heather McMahan’s podcast, Juicy Scoop with Heather McDonald, and That’s So Retrograde.

Tell me something good that recently happened to you:
I’ve started writing a ton, and that has been great. Truly, without the pandemic I don’t know if I’d be writing as much. It has made me more creative, keeps me in the present, and keeps the mundane interesting. I’d truly love to write a book, the topic is unknown, but its been good to discover a hobby that I thoroughly enjoy, is just for me, and I’m fairly passionate about. 

Describe your ideal date night:
It would definitely take place during the summer in Minnesota. My husband and I are getting ready while drinking pre-game beers, we wait for the Uber on our porch. The Uber arrives, and we get dropped off at one of our favorite restaurants. We have two (maybe three.. we aren’t driving) cocktails (I am drinking a spicy margarita or a Peroni) on a rooftop while waiting for our table, we eat dinner, and are home by 9pm. 


Best/Worst part about being a mom:
Best: The tiny laughs and huge hugs. Every morning I walk into Dylan’s room, and that little angel gives me the biggest smile. She’s so excited to see me. That makes a Monday feel like a Saturday.
Worst: The ongoing anxiety can be overwhelming, the constant decision making, and even without COVID, being a mom can be boring. For example, I straight up, do NOT want to read ‘Brown Bear, Brown Bear, what do you see?’ ONE more time.

Outside of being a mom, what are you most proud of:
The relationship I have with my husband. We started dating at 17 and growing up with him has been so fun. We’ve navigated a lot of our life together and built something pretty incredible. He’s extremely detailed, and an executor. He runs his day one task at a time, and I have a completely different approach. Watching him live is sometimes the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. We approach problems from different angles, and see the world from different lenses, but somehow, we agree on the important things. 

Who is your celebrity crush?
Dan Levy was the first person that came to mind. Haha. Dan Levy.. call me. 

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