Theo’s Favorite Things: 16 months

If your toddler is anything like mine, we are all getting a little bored of the activities we have at home. Here are some of our tried and true toys and shows that have been a big hit lately!

Songs for Littles: we all know how much Theo loves Dora the Explorer, but Ms. Rachel and Jules are becoming a close second. Their YouTube channel is full of educational videos for toddlers. We watch this episode usually once a day. I’ve been keeping it repetitive so Theo will know what to expect and start to learn the songs.

Yoda Hat: we were gifted this Yoda hat by one of Matt’s friends! His mom has an Etsy shop and makes them. Theo hates wearing hats, but he knows in order to go outside and go for a walk he needs his Yoda hat and slippers on. Isn’t it so cute?! For the Star Wars babe in your life, support this small business!!

Teapot: this Fisher Price teapot has been an MVP in our house for a while. It lights up and plays really cute songs. Theo loves dancing to the music it plays. It also comes with plastic teacups and a tea tray, once your toddler is old enough to enjoy playing pretend.

Ambulance: this Green Toys ambulance is such a hit in our house. It also comes with doctor toys, and that’s fun too. But the best part is the ambulance has an open top, so your toddler can fill it with toys and push it around! Even Theo’s milk got a ride one day.

What toys should we look into next?!

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