Holy Grail Newborn Items that might not be on your Registry

Alternative title: shit that exists but you had no idea it existed until you were up researching “why is my baby crying?” at 3 AM and then you realized you need these items and then you go to Target or order on Amazon every day for the first few weeks after they are born.

Windi: little babies get gas trapped a lot. This will help you get it out. But beware, poop may go flying. This tool is awesome though and can provide them such relief.

Butt Spatula: this has been a hotly debated item in my Facebook mom’s group, but I am firmly team #buttspatula – who wants to smear diaper cream all over their fingers and then put their fingers on their baby’s butt? Ew. To clean the spatula, you just have to take a wipe to it. (Companion gift: Triple Paste)

Pacifier Syringe: teeny babies have to take medicine sometimes, and this syringe made it a whole lot easier for us to get Theo to take Tylenol or even gripe water. (Companion Gift: Infant Tylenol)

Gripe Water & Gas Drops: I recommend having both of these items on hand. Gripe water stops hiccups basically immediately and can help ease tummy discomfort. Theo got gas drops a lot when he was a newborn. He seemed uncomfortable from gas a lot, and these took the edge off!

Do you have any “holy grail” products for your newborn? What were you ordering on Amazon Prime when you got home from the hospital?!

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