Cheerios Sensory Bin

For Valentine’s Day, I wanted to do something special for Theo, since he basically does the same things every day: play with cars, play with balls, play with the dogs, eat, nap, watch Songs for Littles. He seems generally happy, but things have to get a little boring for him!

This was a really easy sensory bin to do. I ground up Cheerios in the food processor. It took a shocking amount of cereal – almost a whole box! But again, I’m not sure what I was expecting. I wanted to do a food-base because Theo is still putting everything in his mouth these days.

Throw in some random kitchen utensils, and you have a sensory bin! He played with this for about 20 minutes, which was a huge win for me.

Underneath, I put his activity mat from Noa so we could attempt to easily clean this up.

Any ideas for other sensory bin or sensory play activities??

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