Mom Monday – Meredith A.

Today’s Mom Monday features one of my oldest friends! We met in August 2001, in Freshman Geometry. Which means that we are coming up on our TWENTIETH year of friendship (what?!). We have been through a lot together and I have so many cherished memories. Meredith just had her first baby, and I cannot wait to meet her sweet girl.

Name(s) and age(s) of children:
Eleanor, 2 months!

Favorite concert: 
Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball tour with my sister, circa 2011. We wore the craziest outfits we owned, got verrryyy tipsy, and danced and sang our little hearts out. I can’t remember having that much fun in a long time!

Favorite travel destination: 
Currently dreaming of Italy. After we went in 2016, my husband did some digging and found the name of the town outside Naples where his family is from. We would love to go there someday and bring our little bambina! 

You’re at home doing chores. What’s on as your background noise? 
Friends, Seinfeld, or Schitt’s Creek. Those are my comfort shows! 

Describe your ideal date night.
Cocktails at our favorite bar The Owl’s Tail, then sushi at Sushi Yasaka. Home and in bed by 10pm!

What has been the best/worst part about being a mom?
The struggles I had with breastfeeding, and ultimately the decision to stop, has been by far the hardest thing so far. Even though I know that “fed is best”, and that switching exclusively to formula was the best thing for our family, I still feel sad and guilty about it all the time. However, I am slowly making peace with it, as I see my own mental health improve, and see her happily growing, developing, and thriving every day. That is probably the best part! It’s so amazing to see her do things for the first time. Something as simple as learning to grab a toy with her hand may not seem like a big deal, but it’s like, that’s the first time in this tiny human’s life that she has ever done that! Also, all the smiles and cooing lately just melt my heart.

Outside of being a mom what are you most proud of?
Probably my education/career. I have two engineering degrees and have worked as a medical device engineer for 10+ years. Last year, my company began ramping up production of syringes and needles that would be needed to administer the Covid vaccine. I had the opportunity to work on a few of those projects before I went on maternity leave. I feel good knowing that I had a very small part in the vaccination effort!

If your life was a movie what would be the title? 
Eat, Drink, and Be Mere

What is your most unpopular opinion?
I seem to be the only woman alive who feels this way, but Lululemon leggings are overrated. So many influencers rave about how they are the best leggings for pregnancy, “just size up!” they say. But I ordered them THREE sizes up and still found them uncomfortable over my bump!

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