Sleep Apnea: Treatment – Month One

Another installment in “Diaries of a Millennial with Sleep Apnea.” Today, I am going to share more about my first month receiving treatment for sleep apnea. See my other posts for more information on my diagnosis and getting my CPAP machine.

I’ve been on a CPAP machine as treatment for mild obstructive sleep apnea for about a month now. The verdict?

My CPAP machine is basically the best thing that has ever happened to me. Here’s why:

  • I don’t wake up frequently in the middle of the night, and when I do it is only for a few moments, not for hours
  • I don’t need an afternoon nap, every day (embarrassing, but true)
  • I have energy for exercise, playing with Theo, and spending time with Matt in the evenings
  • I don’t snore anymore
  • My mental fog seems clearer

The CPAP machine isn’t perfect and I’ve run into a few roadblocks, but overall it has been great for me. I switched masks from one where the hose comes out of the front of my mask, to one where the air hose comes out of the top of the mask. Thankfully, I am not a mouth breather and a nose mask works well for me.

My new mask makes it easier for me to roll over at night and is generally more comfortable, however I have had some trial and error with the mask and feel like Goldilocks. Too tight? When the nose cushion is too secure, and it prevents you from breathing effectively in and out of your nose. Too loose? The seal on the mask might not be quite tight enough to keep the air flowing effectively. The air will “whoosh” out of where the mask is supposed to be sealed, and the force of the air is pretty loud, which will wake me up. It’s also been making a clunking noise in the mask which wakes me up. Apparently that noise is due to excess water flying around the tube. I think turning down the humidity will fix that.

I also still suffer from some daytime fatigue, however it is significantly better than it was before. I was having a hard time getting through the day without a nap, and whenever Theo went for his nap, so was I. That’s like 1-2 hours every day of time spent sleeping, when I had a mounting to-do list to handle as well. I hope things continue to get better!!!

I would love to provide another update once I have been on the machine for a few months.

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Disclaimer: This blog post contains the authors researched opinions as well as actual experiences, and not one of a medical professional. Please consult to your medical professional for their official opinion on items referenced here, and defer to them in case of any conflict.

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