Toys for your Toddler that Celebrate Diversity

It’s important to us to expose Theo to people and things that he doesn’t see every day in our house. Since we don’t get out much, the best way to do this is to offer diverse books, toys, and TV shows in our home. Here are some of our favorite toddler-friendly toys that celebrate diversity.

Fisher Price Doll House: this doll house has little people who are both white and people of color. I personally wish they would sell a dollhouse with a mixed race family!

Baby Doll: this particular baby doll can be found in a variety of skin tones and they are also anatomically correct which I think is very important as well as you and your little one learn about body parts!

Little People Community Helpers: I love this pack of community helpers. Everyone is diverse, and it’s a great opportunity to talk about the different helpers our little ones will encounter.

Stuffed Dolls: this set of 5 stuffed dolls is perfect for snuggling, and I love that they represent a variety of different skin tones. It’s perfect for a toddler who is learning to play pretend with babies!

Wooden Puzzle: this puzzle from Discovery Toys is amazing and represents many differences, including one wearing glasses and a little girl in a wheelchair.

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