Hospital Bag – Scheduled C-Section

A good friend of mine who had a scheduled c-section gave me this list of what she recommends to pack in your hospital bag!! I wrote a post a little while back about what I packed for a scheduled induction, but I wanted a perspective from someone who had a scheduled c-section as well!! There is definitely some crossover, so please be sure to check out both posts.

  • The Stars Above Target nightgowns: anything comfortable that is not on your incision!
  • Long phone charger
  • Boppy Nursing pillow: It was great to just set the baby down too even when not nursing or visitors wanted to hold her (pre-covid)
  • Colace stool softener: the first poop IYKYK (editor’s note: you definitely want to have this at home. They may not let you take your own meds at the hospital. My nurses administered my Colace while I was admitted).
  • Travel size shampoo and conditioner: most C sections you stay at the hospital for at least 48-72 hours so it was nice to have some of my stuff
  • Belly binder
  • A nursing and pumping bra: I had every plan to breastfeed, but due to latch issues (a tongue tie), so we moved directly to exclusively pumping on day 2. I didn’t know pumping bras were a thing so I just had to hold the pump to my boobs for 30 mins at a time. I’m LOLing thinking about this sight 
  • Extra pillow and blanket for Mom & for Dad
  • Cute outfit for baby: we actually did the newborn pictures in the hospital and I love them! We also brought a pretty blanket for her, so just anything you may possibly want to have pictures of!
  • Announcement board or something personalized for photos!
  • Care package for the nurses: I 10/10 recommend this. They are so sweet and so helpful. My husband brought it up when we were in our recovery room and they loved it.
  • Highhhhhhh waisted Panties: Once you’re out of the diaper. Unknown to me, even when you don’t deliver vaginally you still bleed.

What were your hospital must-haves when you had a baby? What did you bring that you absolutely didn’t touch?

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