Breastfeeding Essentials

I wanted to round up some of my most-used breastfeeding items in another installment of my breastfeeding series!

Hands Free Nursing & Pumping bra: before Theo was born, I wasn’t sure if I would be nursing, pumping, or a combination of the two. Side note: you can turn a regular nursing bra/tank into a pumping bra! But in the beginning, I really liked having the specific nursing and pumping bra and I recommend all things Kindred Bravely. Their items are high quality, and I still use my nursing/pumping bras now, even though I do not pump anymore.

Real life – only a few weeks postpartum.

Nursing Camis: these Bravado camis from Target are the best. They are slimming and fit true-to-size. I wear one every day! I will continue to wear these even when I am not nursing. I know plenty of moms who still wear them even though they haven’t breastfed in quite some time.

Electric Breast Pump: I used the Spectra S2 and loved it. In order to get my pump, I used the service provided by Aeroflow to handle my insurance claim. They take care of all of it for you, and even provide new parts every 3 months. Insurance provides an electric breast pump at no cost to you, although depending on your insurance and which pump you choose, you my have to pay a small surcharge. I also purchased out-of-pocket, a Spectra S9 (portable breast pump) and I loved that pump! Also, you get a new breast pump with every pregnancy!

Nipple Ointment: I cannot stress this enough – LANOLIN SUCKS. Make sure to get a nipple ointment that isn’t lanolin based. Tubby Todd now has a nipple ointment that has a base of coconut oil, which is wonderfully moisturizing. Use this link to get 10% off!

My Breast Friend Pillow: I wasn’t sure if I should get this pillow, or the Boppy. I am glad I went with the Breast Friend! It was great to clip around your waist, and baby can rest comfortably while you support the pillow. I recommend the deluxe version of the pillow, as the slipcover on it is so soft compared to the regular version.

Nipple Shield: there are so many instances in which you might need to use a nipple shield. For me, I used it in the very beginning to help Theo latch properly. Also, since I was in so much pain in the beginning due to Theo’s unresolved tongue tie, I used the shield to help minimize the pain – it still hurt, but it helped. Side note: these come in different sizes, and you may or may not use the same size shield as you do breast pump flange.

Nipple Pads: when you first start breastfeeding, you leak. You may want to put nipple pads (either disposable or reusable) in your bra if you are out and about. They are also good to wear at night, once your baby starts sleeping through the night, your boobs will leak until they adjust.

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Disclaimer: This blog post contains the authors researched opinions as well as actual experiences, and not one of a medical professional. Please consult to your medical professional for their official opinion on items referenced here, and defer to them in case of any conflict. This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

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