my bedtime must-haves

Bedtime is my absolute, favorite time of every day. Matt laughs at me, because sometimes I get in bed and squeal because I just love bed so much. Here are some of my favorite items that make bedtime that much more enjoyable for me.

Flippy Pillow: this pillow is the best! I often watch TV on my iPad while laying in bed, and I use this pillow to prop up my tablet. It’s cute to look at, soft, and flips around so it can accommodate watching from any angle!

Bluetooth Headphones/Headband: these headphones have been a game changer. I also have AirPods, but you can’t wear them at night since they fall out! The last thing I want to do is lose an AirPod in bed (I have once, but it turns out it was actually just in the charging case LOL, whoops). I listen to Peloton meditations and audiobooks on Audible to help me fall asleep.

Revision Youthfull Lip Replenisher: this is the best ever lip mask. I only wear it at night because it is VERY sticky. But it is effective. I hardly ever have to wear chapstick during the day. It probably sounds a little crazy, but I actually crave this stuff on my lips before I go to sleep! Even just typing about it now makes me want to put some on.

Kitsch Scrunchies: with the CPAP mask I chose, it feels best to have my hair up in a topknot while I have my mask on. These scrunchies are really comfortable, and they are terry cloth, so if you put your hair up wet, it helps absorb some of the water overnight. I can’t say that my hair looks cute when I take it out of the scrunchie, but it’s effective!

Kyte Adult Blanket: this blanket is a major splurge, but I love it. It’s so warm but lightweight. We keep our bedroom pretty cold, and some nights all I need is this blanket on to keep me warm. It is huge for one person (queen sized) and so soft. I have to have it to sleep now!

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