Dupe Scoop: Lake Pajamas

My favorite pajama brand is Lake Pajamas. They are so cozy and comfortable and they come in really cute prints. However, they don’t come with a cheap price tag ($70-$90(, so I am always on the hunt for jammies of the same quality, but a less expensive price point.

Enter: Target’s Stars Above. Their pajamas and loungewear are all I hear people talking about! Especially during these COVID-times, when many of us are in our pajamas all day. I always prefer long sleeved tops with shorts, or a long sleeved nightgown.

Most of my Lake Pajamas are their pima cotton, which are a bit thicker but still very soft. I saw that they had recently released their henley nightgown. It has the same exact fabric specifications as the Stars Above set that I got (95% spandex / 5% modal). I am happy to report that both sets of pajamas are equally as soft – equal thickness (thinner but softer than the pima cotton).

I am using stock photos, because I am a little too insecure right now to post photos of myself modeling clothes here. I am working on it!

Bottom line: I will absolutely order more Stars Above at the bargain price of $25, and I will probably stick with the pima cotton Lake Pajamas going forward! I must admit, I don’t need any more pairs of pajamas for a while though!

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