Self-Care for Moms

Self-care is hard to come by these days – we’ve all survived a year in a global pandemic, and everyone needs to take some time for self-care, whether you are a mom, or not! Working moms and stay-at-home moms need to take time for themselves, so they can refill their tank. The lines are blurred with kids though, and sometimes just doing simple errands or every day chores can be considered self-care. Spoiler alert! Those items are not self-care, those are things that other people get to do every day for themselves without even thinking twice about it.

I hope that all moms out there were able to practice some self-care this Mother’s Day, and every day after that.

What self care for moms isn’t:

  • Going to the grocery store or running errands alone
  • Taking a shower
  • Going to the bathroom alone
  • Returning texts or emails on your phone while your child watches cartoons
  • Going through the Starbucks drive through with (or even without) a crying toddler

What self care for moms is:

  • Going for a leisurely stroll through Target with no list and no budget
  • Relaxing in the bath
  • Watching True Crime on the big TV (you know, the one that usually has cartoons on it)
  • Putting on a face mask and setting that 20 minute timer without interruption
  • Exercising, and being able to take an uninterrupted shower afterwards
  • Hiring a babysitter, so that you can relax without guilt

2 Player Games – for your purse!

A few months ago, I posted about 2 player board games at home. Now that the pandemic quarantine time is coming to an end (thank you, science!), I have some recommendations for 2 player games that you can keep in your purse.

Pre-Theo, Matt and I used to go out on Saturday or Sunday afternoons and hang out at a bar for a few hours, eating and drinking and playing games. Now that we can safely leave our homes again, I look forward to having a babysitter come over while we reinstate our old traditions.

Yatzhee: the classic dice rolling game! All you need are 5 dice in your purse and your cell phone! This app is what we use for scorekeeping, and it is so easy and fun. Quite possibly the best $0.99 I have ever spent!

Hive: this game is a little bit like chess, but much more whimsical. Each piece is a different bug, and each bug has a different type of movement that they can do. It comes with a convenient little carrying case to keep in your purse!

Love Letters: this is a quick and easy card game that comes in a compact pouch. It’s a pretty simple game (think a more advanced version of Go Fish!), and you can play with up to 4 players with the original set.

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Lessons Learned

My contract role has come to an end and I’ve learned so much about myself throughout the process. I felt it only appropriate to share here, since it’s been such a big part of my life for the past few months.

1) I don’t think I’m meant to be a stay at home mom. Being home with Theo for the first 17 months of his life was an absolute gift, and something I wouldn’t trade for literally anything. But if I’m being completely honest, I found myself much more satisfied working. It makes our time together just that much more special, also.

2) I can do hard things. I jumped into a role at a company that had about 30 employees. By the time my contract ended, the company had 600 employees. I was working 80+ hours a week, leading a customer service team – a functional area in which I had no prior experience.

3) I can be a great mom and have a career. You can do both. It’s possible! It wouldn’t be possible for me without an incredibly supportive partner, and childcare. We are so lucky to be able to have childcare for Theo in our home, so I can still see him throughout the day. He’s still nursing occasionally so it’s nice to have him home for that. And nothing makes me happier than seeing him walk up to me at my desk, smiling and wanting some mama cuddles.

4) It is almost impossible to work from home without childcare. Shoutout to all of the working moms who have done this throughout the pandemic. I had a number of days working from home, with no childcare. And those days were tough. Theo watched a little more TV than usual, and ate snacks all day. And I got my job done. But it was really hard.

Although my contract is over, I’m seeking my next work adventure! I hope to continue posting on my blog because this has been such an amazing outlet for me.