Guest Post: Emergency C-Section

Tell me a little bit about yourself and your baby! 
I am Amanda and my little guy is Jonah! I am 29 (or will be by the time this is posted!) and he is 18 months. I am a licensed social worker and work part time in an outpatient mental health clinic preforming intake assessments. We have an excellent nanny who we love and she takes care of Jonah while I work. My husband works full time in the mortgage industry. 

How did your labor begin? 
I was about 37.5 weeks when I just had a weird feeling that something wasn’t right. I used our home blood pressure cuff and saw my blood pressure was a little high. I called my OB and he suggested going to triage for monitoring. Once we were there my blood pressure normalized but I was told to return if it higher. Sure enough, the next morning it was super high and I returned to start my induction!  

How did your labor progress?
I was surprised that I responded pretty well to the pitocin and meds to soften my cervix. I took my first dose of meds at 6pm and my water broke at midnight! I will never get over the feeling of water gushing out of me. From midnight to 1pm the next day I progressed to 8 cm but began to stall. 

At what point did you learn you needed to have an emergency c-section and why? 
As mentioned above, my labor stalled at 8cm and I was getting more than antsy. It had been 24 hours since checking into the hospital and i was ready to go. The OB checked and it turned out Jonah was sunny side up (this led to horrible butt labor that was not controlled with the epidural). Jonah’s heart rate was also having declines so the doctor suggested a c section. 

About how long did it take for you to go from your hospital room to the OR?
I was MORE than happy to have a c-section and once I agreed to it, the room became a circus. Doctors and nurses flew around the room and I was rolling down the hallway in less than 5 minutes. 

How long did the c-section itself take? 
I think the surgery itself was a half hour, but Jonah was out in 10 minutes. My husband went with him to the warmer and I got stitched up. I felt absolutely nothing the whole time and was chatting with the nurses and doctors. The one thing I remember is that while I was getting stitched up, the doctor told the resident “don’t forget to stitch the muscle” 🥴 One thing to know is that many women shake uncontrollably during a csection. It is not dangerous, just your body’s response to the medication and a bunch of adrenaline. 

How long did you have to stay in the hospital after your surgery?
I stayed on the labor and delivery unit that night and transferred to postpartum the next day. I needed to be able to walk on my own to go to that unit which proved to be a challenge. It took a few try’s but I eventually walked to the bathroom on my own! The one thing I did not expect from a csection was to bleed so much. I figured if I didn’t have a vaginal birth there wouldn’t be a need to bleed. Well there is! I won’t get into the technical stuff because I’m not a doctor, but you bleed as heavily after a csection as you do in a vaginal birth! 

What was your overall experience and recovery like?
I had a fabulous experience. I was not scared for even a second. I think this is because my mom has a csection for myself and my brother, so from a young age I was told I came from my moms stomach. I saw her scar throughout my life and asked questions about it. I went into the labor experience knowing a csection was possible and also being ok with that. I sometimes get sad that my son wasn’t put on my chest at birth, but then I remember that he is here, he is safe and he is healthy. I’m happy for that. 

If you have any future children, would you try for a VBAC (vaginal birth after c-section) or have a scheduled c-section?
Absolutely a scheduled csection! I’m a very anxious person and the “when will I go into labor?!” made me crazy. I would love to know that there is a definitive end date! I also was lucky to have a good experience that makes me see c-sections in a very positive light. 

Disclaimer: This blog post contains the authors researched opinions as well as actual experiences, and not one of a medical professional. Please consult to your medical professional for their official opinion on items referenced here, and defer to them in case of any conflict.

Dupe Scoop: Lake Pajamas

My favorite pajama brand is Lake Pajamas. They are so cozy and comfortable and they come in really cute prints. However, they don’t come with a cheap price tag ($70-$90(, so I am always on the hunt for jammies of the same quality, but a less expensive price point.

Enter: Target’s Stars Above. Their pajamas and loungewear are all I hear people talking about! Especially during these COVID-times, when many of us are in our pajamas all day. I always prefer long sleeved tops with shorts, or a long sleeved nightgown.

Most of my Lake Pajamas are their pima cotton, which are a bit thicker but still very soft. I saw that they had recently released their henley nightgown. It has the same exact fabric specifications as the Stars Above set that I got (95% spandex / 5% modal). I am happy to report that both sets of pajamas are equally as soft – equal thickness (thinner but softer than the pima cotton).

I am using stock photos, because I am a little too insecure right now to post photos of myself modeling clothes here. I am working on it!

Bottom line: I will absolutely order more Stars Above at the bargain price of $25, and I will probably stick with the pima cotton Lake Pajamas going forward! I must admit, I don’t need any more pairs of pajamas for a while though!

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my bedtime must-haves

Bedtime is my absolute, favorite time of every day. Matt laughs at me, because sometimes I get in bed and squeal because I just love bed so much. Here are some of my favorite items that make bedtime that much more enjoyable for me.

Flippy Pillow: this pillow is the best! I often watch TV on my iPad while laying in bed, and I use this pillow to prop up my tablet. It’s cute to look at, soft, and flips around so it can accommodate watching from any angle!

Bluetooth Headphones/Headband: these headphones have been a game changer. I also have AirPods, but you can’t wear them at night since they fall out! The last thing I want to do is lose an AirPod in bed (I have once, but it turns out it was actually just in the charging case LOL, whoops). I listen to Peloton meditations and audiobooks on Audible to help me fall asleep.

Revision Youthfull Lip Replenisher: this is the best ever lip mask. I only wear it at night because it is VERY sticky. But it is effective. I hardly ever have to wear chapstick during the day. It probably sounds a little crazy, but I actually crave this stuff on my lips before I go to sleep! Even just typing about it now makes me want to put some on.

Kitsch Scrunchies: with the CPAP mask I chose, it feels best to have my hair up in a topknot while I have my mask on. These scrunchies are really comfortable, and they are terry cloth, so if you put your hair up wet, it helps absorb some of the water overnight. I can’t say that my hair looks cute when I take it out of the scrunchie, but it’s effective!

Kyte Adult Blanket: this blanket is a major splurge, but I love it. It’s so warm but lightweight. We keep our bedroom pretty cold, and some nights all I need is this blanket on to keep me warm. It is huge for one person (queen sized) and so soft. I have to have it to sleep now!

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