Sandy’s Adoption Story

Sandy is our 4 year old mutt, who we adopted in 2018. She has been the most perfect addition to our family, and I always wanted a second dog. I’m glad Sandy found us to complete our dog family.

Jerry was adopted through Furever Angels Animal Rescue, and they shared a post on their page of 2 dogs: Sandy and Jacob. Both had an urgent need to be pulled from the shelter, as they were heartworm positive and would be euthanized if not rescued.

I saw this photo and felt such a strong calling to Sandy. I obviously wanted the best for Jacob too, but felt particularly compelled to help Sandy. After some convincing and negotiation (aka me not taking no for an answer), Matt and I agreed to take Sandy in as a foster. Jacob had already been pulled from the shelter.

(Side note: it’s hard to believe that white dog in the photo above is our Sandy. She’s come so far since we picked her up that day).

Meet and greet at the shelter

We drove 2 hours each way to pick up this sweet girl. We also brought Jerry with us, so they could meet each other in a neutral environment. We weren’t exactly sure how he’d do with her, since he was so used to having all of my attention and being an only dog. Thankfully, their meet and greet went well and we brought Sandy home with us.

Sandy’s freedom ride

First things first, we took Sandy to a local dog boutique to give her a bath in the self wash. Lo and behold, we discovered then that she was in heat. All we could do at that point was laugh, and buy doggy diapers. She was also really underweight, so we were supplementing her food with pasta. It was nearly impossible to get her to gain weight until she beat the heartworm.

Bribing Sandy to love us

Since she was in heat, we weren’t able to get her spayed immediately, and had to go ahead and start her heartworm treatment and would get her spayed after that. Sandy had a previous litter of puppies, most likely in her first heat. The vet told us that she was young (maybe a year and a half old). She’d been through so much already.

She made it through her heartworm treatment with flying colors and next up, we got her spayed. We had Sandy for a few months at that point, which was when I (we) determined that she was the perfect fit for our family. After some intense negotiations, Matt and I agreed to adopt Sandy, and truly we have never looked back. Even though she tried to run away from us a few times in the beginning, we forgave her.

We love you, Sandy and we are thankful that you chose us as your furever family.

Sandy’s first Halloween

Jerry for President

We don’t even deserve dogs.

Jerry unsuccessfully ran for President back in 2016, but after Tuesday night’s debate, he feels it appropriate to get back in the running. He’s dusting off his old campaign suit, and needs your support. He likes to shake hands and lick babies.

Vote for third pawty candidate, Jerry!

Just watch this video. Jerry will work hard for you! Seriously, go watch it.

Would you like your own Jerry for President campaign T-shirt? Order here. The photo is just a proof. All proceeds will go to Furever Angels Animal Rescue of Charlotte. ETA: there is another shirt concept in flight with his face on it.