Valentine’s Day 2021 Recap

This is the first year we have celebrated Valentine’s Day since I can remember. We wanted to celebrate this year as a family and as a couple! Since now Theo is old enough to participate in family traditions, and 2021 is proving to also be a crappy year, we wanted to have something to look forward to. Here’s a recap, in photos, of our Valentine’s Day weekend!!

REALLY enjoying his Valentine’s Day donut
Enjoying a sensory bin made of ground up Cheerios!
Playing with some construction paper hearts
Playing Legos with Daddy – his Valentine’s Day gift
My Galentine’s Day present! We did a gift exchange this year in my Facebook mom’s group.
The “bro-quet” I made for Matt. I got the idea from one of my friends!
We ordered Milkbar to celebrate! This is the mini red velvet cake.
And a heart shaped pizza. It’s cheesy but I insisted.
One of my gifts from Matt
My other gift from Matt. You’ll appreciate this if you watch 1000 lbs Sisters on TLC.
Theo’s bedroom door – every day in February he got a new thing that we love about him taped on his door. He loved reading them (but he loved ripping them off the door and playing with them more).

Did you celebrate Valentine’s Day this year? If so, what was your favorite part??

The Williams Family 2020 Christmas Card

From my family, to yours. We hope that you all have a safe, enjoyable, and relaxing holiday season!

Christmas card this year and every year by

I will be taking a break from posting over the holidays, but you can find me on Facebook and Instagram. I look forward to resuming my posts in the New Year! Let’s all hope 2021 is a better year than 2020.

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Happy Thanksgiving 2020!

Happy Thanksgiving! From my little turkey, to your family.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday! I am thankful for family, friends, and health. Thanksgiving might look a little bit different this year for all of us, but I hope you are able to enjoy it!

Theo’s onesie is from Belle Lane Designs.