2 player Board Games

One of my husbands favorite pastimes is playing board games. But not like Monopoly or Candy Land. He likes the strategic board games. Think: Settlers of Catan. The problem is with a lot of those strategic games, you need to have 3 or more players. And during COVID times, that’s just not easy to do. When we get some free time, we have enjoyed playing these 2 player board games at home!

Azul: Azul is a much more complicated version of Mancala, on the surface. You’re basically collecting sets of jewels in order to score points, in the most simplistic sense, but it is a little more complicated than that (however I promise, it is not that complicated). You can play this game with up to 4 players.

Seven Wonders – Duel: this game looks insanely complicated on the surface, but I promise you if I can play it, you can play it. We played this non-stop on our Honeymoon in Australia. It’s a very strategic game, and you can only play with 2 people. Your goal is to develop your civilization and earn more points than your opponent. There is a 3+ player version of Seven Wonders as well.

Welcome to… your perfect home: this game is in the genre of a “roll and write” game. Basically you choose and draw cards, and then based on your cards, you build a town on your game board, while trying to meet certain objectives that have been set for the overall game. You earn points based on how you placed the cards you drew on your board, and of course you win by beating your opponent. You can play this game with as few or as many players as you want!

Jaipur: I consider this game to be the 2-player version of Settlers of Catan. You are gathering and trading resources, to earn points. The player with the most points wins! You play this game with just cards and tokens (no board), so it is very portable.

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A little bit about us

There was a relationship questionnaire going around Facebook for Valentine’s Day, and I filled it out in the notes app on my phone. Naturally, I completely forgot to post it. So I wanted to share it here so you can learn a little bit more about Matt and I as a couple! Also a great excuse to share some pictures from the archives.

How’d you guys meet? Work

First Date? North Harbor Club on Lake Norman for dinner

How long have you been together? Friends for 11+ years, dating for 7.5 years, married for 4.5 years

Kids? 1 human baby and 2 fur babies

Age difference? 1.5 years

Who was interested first? Matt

Who is taller? Matt

Who said I love you first? Me

Favorite tv show to watch together? 1000 lbs Sisters, Below Deck, This is Us, American Housewife, SNL

Most impatient? Me

Most sensitive? Me

Loudest? Me

Most stubborn? Me

Falls asleep first? Me

Cooks better? Matt

Better morning person? Matt

Better driver? Me

Most competitive? Matt

Who’s the funniest? Absolutely me but Matt would disagree

Where do you eat out most as a couple? Crafty Burg’r

Who is more social? Me

Who is the neat freak? Pre-Theo? Me. Post-Theo? Neither of us lol.

Where was your first kiss? My apartment

How long did it take to get serious? About a month or so.

Who picks where you go to dinner? Usually me

Who is the first one to admit when they’re wrong? Me

Who has more tattoos? Not applicable.

Who sings better? Me

Hogs the remote? Matt but I let him because I don’t mind watching my shows on my iPad

Spends the most? Me

Did you go to the same school? No

Where is the furthest you two have traveled together? New Zealand

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Our Fourth Wedding Anniversary

A few extra pounds (lol), an extra dog, and a whole ass other person that we made. Happy fourth anniversary to my husband, Matt!!!

Tonight, we will be at home, eating pot roast, and probably watching some Hallmark Christmas movies. I really wouldn’t have it any other way!