Our Fourth Wedding Anniversary

A few extra pounds (lol), an extra dog, and a whole ass other person that we made. Happy fourth anniversary to my husband, Matt!!!

Tonight, we will be at home, eating pot roast, and probably watching some Hallmark Christmas movies. I really wouldn’t have it any other way!

Crated with Love: Date Box #1

Being stuck in your house a majority of the time due to a global pandemic with an infant (or toddler)…. and so on and so forth, well, it really puts a kink in things. Matt and I have been trying to come up with some clever ways to have a date night. I came across Crated with Love and decided to take a chance and try out one of their boxes.

Normally we just sit on the couch and I make Matt watch 90 Day Fiancé with me, so this was a welcome change of pace.

The date box followed a shark-themed narrative and all of the games were ocean or shark or fish themed.

The first game we played involved rating your own fears, and guessing how your partner would rate their fears. I’m probably not explaining this very well, but you put down 5 cards, all with different types of phobia on them. One person rates each phobia as 1-5 (1 meaning the most phobic, 5 being the least phobic) while the other person tries to guess how their partner rated their phobia. There is a whole deck of cards to go through, and we had some really good laughs. As it turns out, I’m very afraid of the dark, the ocean, and having a duck stare at me. And while Matt doesn’t like reading or books, he is not afraid of books. Who knew LOL.

Then we basically played a game of Go Fish, and whichever partner collected a school of fish, there was some sort of prize associated. My favorite prize was “your partner has to go get you a snack from the kitchen.” Some of them we cashed in immediately, and others we are saving as coupons to use later in the weekend.

Then we basically played a game of Battleship! That part is pretty self explanatory. The last game was a game of truth or dare, but by this point we had gotten kind of tired so we just went through the “truths” and called it a night. Party animals. It took us about an hour to go through the whole box! We probably could have drug (dragged?) it out longer if we had wanted to also.

I think one of the coolest parts of this date night box is that they have a website with “bonus” activities for your box: basically different twists on the games you already played. So, we are going to save the materials from this box, and play some bonus games another night! It also came with a plastic toy shark, shark tooth necklaces for each of us, a shark notepad, and a sticker. It was fun to have those extra little items to go with the theme!

We will definitely be doing another Crated with Love date night box! You can use the link here, or the code “piecesofcake” to take $5 off of your order of a date box or mini date!

Have you done anything fun for date night recently?

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