It’s 8:45 and I’m still awake?

This is weird. I’m usually long gone by this time – I guess the inspiration that I get to work from home tomorrow really just is keeping me going for the night. Problem is, the longer I am up, the more eating hours I have. I’ve started keeping a food journal this week after my overindulgence’s of El Azteca while in Atlanta this week. I need to stay away from that place for a while – its gonna make me F-A-T!

Like I said, I am so ready for the weekend. I went to the grocery store today and got stuff to make Weight Watchers friendly chimichangas (my new favorite food), pizzas, and other various diet-friendly items. I am excited to make a breakfast burrito in the morning. I like that they actually keep me full until lunch unlike a lot of other breakfast items. Mmm and I will be able to make coffee! I really like working from home because instead of taking a lunch break, I get to take an exercise break around noon and go for a walk on the greenway near my apartment. My adventure of the weekend is going to be to try and figure out if I can walk to Target via the greenway. I think that walking with a purpose will really make it more enjoyable. My credit card company will enjoy it too! I am on a serious mission for weight loss.. I’m trying to lose at least 15 lbs by Christmas, and then hopefully more. Baby steps.

This month I am really trying to get everyone else as excited about Arbonne as I am! They have some truly great holiday specials and it’s so cheap to join! Its like Sam’s Club but for your face and body. And another bonus is, when you do your Christmas shopping you get a free gift AND no lines!! What more could a gal ask for? Please let me know if you have any hard-to-buy-for people, and together, we will find them something!

On the agenda for tomorrow/the weekend: Walk to Target or Walmart. Skype date with Maddie. Brunch with Christin and her mom. Maybe out with Christin? Homework and extra credit for accounting class. Lots and lots of walking/exercising. Most exciting on the list – Haircut!!

I can’t do any strenuous exercise tomorrow cause I do not want to have to wash my hair again. Maybe when I get up, I will work for a while, walk to Walmart, then have some breakfast. That sounds like a good plan – There’s a few things I need to get there: Boca Burgers/Bacon, Sugar Free flavored powdered coffee mate, smoked salmon (probably not a Walmart purchase- sketchyy?) I’m sure there’s more on the list… I’ll figure it out!

Wow, its been a while!

I have been meaning to post an update… Its just not as fast nor as convenient as updating my twitter (go TwitterBerry!).

My boss is amazing- I woke up at 7 am to find an email from him which essentially gave me the go-ahead to work from home today. Best day ever! I’m also not totally exhausted today which is just great!

Life updates: Traveling all the time, liking it most of the time. Its made me even more grateful for my own space. Although, I do love the heavenly bed at the Westin. Thank goodness that is Newell Rubbermaid’s preferred hotel. Also, I have started a new gig as an Arbonne consultant. It is fun and rewarding- it is just hard, especially when I am not in one place long enough to establish a base. Wondering what Arbonne is? It is an all-natural, botanically based line of health and beauty products (think Avon or Mary Kay but awesome, or else I wouldn’t be participating in it). Let me know if you have a troublesome person to buy gifts for- I just might be able to help! I am also embarking on a weight loss journey. I’m cutting calories by basically just eating healthier and its great! Also, I am trying to go to the gym at least every other day. Today is a gym day!

Right now, I sit on my big, comfy couch, watching the Today show, responding to e-mails. It is amazing what you can get done before 8 am. Now, I just have to wait until everyone gets into the office so that they can respond to my emails!