Theo’s First Birthday

I was so pumped for Theo’s first birthday, and started planning it shortly after he was born. However, then COVID hit and all plans changed. It actually worked out really well though, since so many friends and family would not have been able to celebrate with us in person.

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We decided to have a ZOOM party instead of a big birthday. Theo’s Granna and Pops, and his Goddaddies came for the party (in the backyard), and everyone else attended via ZOOM.

We made a short video of Theo’s first year, and played that via a screen share while we got Theo ready for his cake smash. I said a few words, and then we cake smashed! The whole party was about 10-15 minutes and I think everyone had a great time. However, I thought Theo would enjoy his cake a lot more than he did LOL!

We are so thankful that our friends and family, near and far, could celebrate Theo’s birthday with us this way!!!

Have you attended a ZOOM birthday party this year?

One Year of Theo

Tomorrow marks our sweet Theo’s first birthday. We will be spending the day celebrating with him, and I really cannot wait for it.

Dear Theo,

It’s hard to believe we have only known you for one year. It feels like we have known you all of our lives, and it’s hard to remember life without you in it.

We admire your independence and your intelligence and your curiosity. You challenge us every day, but you make us better versions of who we were yesterday.

We love you more than you’ll ever know.

Love, Mama and Daddy

Now please excuse me as I spend the entire day crying and staring at my baby.

Dear Santa: A Wish List

My birthday is November 24th, one month before Christmas. So, for all of you lovelies (ahem: mom, dad, Jonathan… do I have your attention?) that want to get me something, here is my wish list!

This year we are going to Vegas as a triple celebration – Jonathan’s 21st, my 24th, Dad’s 32nd birthday (ha!), and Mom just loves Vegas. So I don’t expect any birthday gifts (aside from delicious buffet meals in Vegas and having a roof over my head), but these are all things that I need (ok, I don’t need another bottle of perfume) and would LOVE to open up on Christmas Morning.

Dear Santa,

I need a rice cooker and vegetable steamer. My epic adventures (read: failures) with cooking greens could be completely resolved with this kitchen appliance. Also, this will save me from having to buy rice from the Chinese restraurant down the street. Rice just never turns out as good when cooked on the stove top. And my kitchen has a red theme. This will match perfectly.

I also need a salad spinner (ref. above epic adventures with greens). I think this will be far easier than me shaking off Kale in the sink. Once we start getting a lot of lettuce in the farm share, a salad spinner will certainly come in handy.

I have an obsession with perfume. I love this Fendi perfume – it’s a little dark, a little musky, and really good for a night out on the town.

Gift cards are always a safe bet to get me.. here are some ones that I wouldn’t mind seeing stuffed in my stocking!

Now that I have my new Ipod Shuffle, I want to be able to buy music to put on it. But, I am too cheap to pay 99 cents per item for said music. So, an Itunes gift card would be great!!!

I love getting a good and healthy fast food breakfast on the way to work. My two favorite options: Subway and Dunkin’ Donuts

And I sort of also want a Tofu press. I want to start incorporating Tofu more in to my diet – but it is hard to cook unless prepared properly. Since I am grossed out by the thought of pressing my tofu with a kitchen towel or paper towels (fibers, gross!), this will come in handy. I can also use it to get water out of spinach and other veggies!!

There you have it, Santa (ahem: mom, dad). This is what I want for Christmas. And if I get impatient and buy these before Christmas a little elf borrows my credit card and buys any of these things before Christmas, I will be sure to let you know 🙂


10.27.2011 – an update. I have been looking for one of these GPS watches at a reasonable price point. I want one!

Heart rate. Distance. Time. That’s all I need!