2 Player Games – for your purse!

A few months ago, I posted about 2 player board games at home. Now that the pandemic quarantine time is coming to an end (thank you, science!), I have some recommendations for 2 player games that you can keep in your purse.

Pre-Theo, Matt and I used to go out on Saturday or Sunday afternoons and hang out at a bar for a few hours, eating and drinking and playing games. Now that we can safely leave our homes again, I look forward to having a babysitter come over while we reinstate our old traditions.

Yatzhee: the classic dice rolling game! All you need are 5 dice in your purse and your cell phone! This app is what we use for scorekeeping, and it is so easy and fun. Quite possibly the best $0.99 I have ever spent!

Hive: this game is a little bit like chess, but much more whimsical. Each piece is a different bug, and each bug has a different type of movement that they can do. It comes with a convenient little carrying case to keep in your purse!

Love Letters: this is a quick and easy card game that comes in a compact pouch. It’s a pretty simple game (think a more advanced version of Go Fish!), and you can play with up to 4 players with the original set.

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