Day in the Life: 17 Months

8:00 AM: Time to wake up! I go get Theo from his crib and let him scoot around the downstairs for a while. His favorite activity right now is going into his room to sort diapers – it will keep him occupied endlessly. We went up to Daddy’s office to visit and Theo nursed for about 10 minutes.

8:45 AM: Breakfast time! A banana and yogurt pouch. I am about to buy stock in Chiquita! We eat a lot of bananas here these days.

9:15 AM: Theo & I head to speech therapy. It’s only a 5 minute drive from our house, which makes it convenient! Theo is in speech therapy for an expressive speech delay. I will share more about this very soon!

9:30 AM: Speech therapy sessions where Theo works with the therapist – mostly the two of them playing together while the therapist teaches me the best way to help him at home, in between sessions.

10:00 AM: Therapy is over. We see that the fire trucks are out at the Davidson Fire Station, so we go say hi to the trucks!

10:15 AM: drop off some packages in the UPS box, and head to Target to retrieve our pick-up order. This week if you do $100 in baby items (diapers, wipes, snacks, etc.) you get a $20 gift card to use at a later time! Target pickup is the best ever. It was so busy today though! We had to wait a little while.

10:45 AM: head to the car wash and McDonald’s drive thru because we are parents of the year and let our child eat Happy Meal’s (he loves them and I don’t have to prepare any food – it’s a win-win).

11:15 AM: lunchtime!

11:40 AM: we go upstairs to play a little bit. I never know with him exactly when he will be ready for his nap (it’s almost always between noon and 12:30 PM), so I wanted to do a little activity with him. We practiced opening and closing Easter eggs, and I put mini M&M’s inside as a little incentive. He loved it, but lost steam pretty quickly. I think Theo is addicted to mini M&M’s though (again, parents of the year LOL). Also, big news: Theo took ONE step today before he fell down. We cheered him on like he won the lottery.

12:00 PM: Naptime, Naptime! (sung in the tune of “Backpack, Backpack” from Dora the Explorer)

2:15 PM: Theo wakes up, but I leave him in his crib until 3 so he can have some additional quiet time. I took a quick 15 minute nap, because I forgot to have coffee this morning and my head was killing me.

3:00 PM: Theo is up and we go upstairs for playtime and a snack. After snack, we do some play pretend with the baby doll, flash cards, and play ball.

3:30 PM: Theo does independent play while I work on some blog posts.

4:30 PM: Theo goes over to the baby gate and says “tttt, tttt” which means “eat” so I give him another snack to hold him over until dinnertime. Sandy stole most of his granola bar, so I had to go get him a second one. He continues independent play while he watches Songs for Littles.

5:45 PM: Dinnertime! Theo still isn’t really eating meat, so he gets KidFresh macaroni & cheese and fruit.

6 PM: Bathtime

6:15 PM: Between dinner/bath and bedtime, I have started the traditon of letting Theo watch one or two Dora episodes in our bed, before he goes to bed. I think it’s a nice way for him to end the day! Also, once he is on our bed, he usually stays put. He will scoot around the bed but it’s one time when he isn’t all over the place. Sometimes he nurses in the afternoon/evening, sometimes he doesn’t! It just depends on the day. I took a shower and put on a face mask that scared the living daylights out of him. Poor kid! He recovered though.

7 PM: Bedtime!!

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A (real life) day in the life of a 14.5 Month Old

Theo is almost 15 months old now, and I’m not sure if it was just tantrums, emerging communication skills, teething, a cold…. but starting on New Year’s Eve through that weekend, he was having a very tough time. Here’s our most recent “day in the life” (and I promise I will post a more cheery one next be because he is also so much fun right now!).

8:00 AM: I go in and get Theo up. He’s been awake for a little while in his crib, but thankfully he plays quietly until someone gets him (usually around 8). He immediately eats a yogurt pouch and some pancakes. I’ve been giving him Bisquick pancakes lately, but he promptly dismissed those (I guess he prefers frozen pancakes, or he has a weird appetite?) and just eats the yogurt pouch. We go to the living room to play with some of his new toys and watch cartoons and whine, both of us (LOL).

9:30 AM: Theo eats 2 Jammy Sammy bars and a pouch to make up for his small breakfast.

10:15 AM: Theo starts screaming on a level I have never heard before. He’s not hungry, he doesn’t have a dirty diaper, so I assume he’s in pain and I give him some Motrin and let him nurse.

10:45 AM: Theo is still screaming. None of the usual suspects (read: Dora) are distracting him. So I take him to his room and we turn on Taylor Swift and rock in the dark to try and calm him down. After about 5 minutes of rocking, he settled in and relaxed a bit.

11:00 AM: Theo is asleep in my arms. He usually naps at noon, and he NEVER falls asleep on me, so he must just be completely exhausted.

11:50 AM: he’s up. Our schedule is totally thrown off for the day but I am just rolling with it (not my personality). He has a pouch for lunch and we go back to his room to see if I can get him to go back to to sleep. He eventually falls asleep in my arms, and I fell asleep in the rocking chair right along with him!

1:45 PM: I put him back in his crib to finish his nap because I have to go run an errand (picking up some medical equipment – an at-home sleep test) and I don’t know what the situation will be, so I’d prefer not to take him with me. My husband is working from home right now, so thankfully I’m able to run in and out as needed during nap time.

2:00 PM: I run into the sleep clinic to pick up my equipment. It takes all of 90 seconds and I’m back in the car on the way home, so I guess I could have taken him with me after all! Once I get home, I settle in and continue watching Bridgerton on Netflix. I assume he will be up soon, so I’m kind of waiting on the edge of my seat for him to wake up.

3:30 PM: he’s still asleep?!? I’m confused but I guess I’ll take the additional quiet time. This poor kid must be so tired. I have a policy of not waking him up from nighttime or naps – he is absolutely unruly if we wake him up, and thankfully we have the flexibility to let him sleep (most of the time) since I am home with him, and we usually don’t have anywhere to be.

3:45 PM: he’s up and it is Tylenol & snack time. A bag of Bamba, every day. He loves them and I can always count on him to eat them.

4:00 PM: we have some iPad/TV time in the living room with only minimal whining.

5:30 PM: dinner and bath time! Lately, Theo has been eating canned peaches and the Kid Fresh Wagon Wheel macaroni and cheese. It’s really good and has hidden veggies! I am thankful that he ate his whole meal tonight. He also got some more Motrin.

6:00 PM: now is the time of day I try and bribe him with Dora to snuggle with me on the couch. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t. He’s pretty independent and likes to play and/or watch tv on his own, ha! Thankfully I got lots of snuggles earlier today during our extended quiet time in the nursery.

7:00 PM: time for bed. I wasn’t sure how he’d do since he slept an unusual amount today, but thankfully he went right to sleep at his normal bedtime. I really suspect that he is just not feeling well, since he’s needed so much extra sleep.

After Theo went to bed, Mom & Dad had dinner, watched some TV, and then I got in bed early to watch more Bridgerton on my iPad. I’m hooked! Once I got really sleepy (around 9 pm LOL), I hooked myself up to my at-home sleep monitor, turned on a Peloton meditation (they work), and promptly fell asleep.

My doctor suspects I could have sleep apnea, so the sleep test is to find out if I do or not. Hopefully I’ll get my results soon.

Although I think the whining was a result of not feeling well in this instance, is / was your toddler particularly whiny with mom? But very well behaved for dad or any other caretakers? We are running into this issue lately and I’m not sure why he is so whiny when he is around me!

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A day in the life of: a one year old!

Most days, I am shocked that I have a one year old. He changes so quickly these days. I swear he masters a new skill every day! Yesterday, it was using his school bus to climb on top of his Montessori shelves, so that was pretty neat *sarcasm*.

Below is the schedule we loosely follow most days. Today went a little differently, but we just roll with it!

We both woke up late today. Well, I woke up around 845 am. I heard him on the monitor much earlier than that, but we both fell back asleep. I had to wake him back up at 9 am to get our day started. And I recognize exactly how lucky I am to have a baby who sleeps in. When he does sleep in past 8 am, it messes up his nap, so today was a little wonky due to our late start.

He immediately sat down for breakfast. Every morning he gets pancakes with butter and a yogurt pouch, and he L O V E S that breakfast. Even if he barely eats or is super picky the rest of the day, I know that if I feed him this breakfast, he will be off to a good start. Right after breakfast, he nursed for 15 minutes or so, and we got our day started with a photo shoot for Belle Lane Designs. Just look at this cutie!! We had fun, but a photo shoot with a toddler, by yourself, at home is a lot of work. I needed a little break after that, so we went into the playroom for some independent play and TV time.

Before we knew it, it was time for lunch and a nap. Most days, he has a pouch and a granola bar for lunch. Again, this is something I can count on him consistently eating.

Dad was working from home today, so I ran a few errands at lunchtime. By the time I got back home, Theo’s babysitter had arrived. She comes once a week so I can do errands and/or work on my blog. They played upstairs while I did chores and got some work done on my laptop.

Caroline left at 5 pm and Theo had some homemade chicken salad, club crackers, and mandarin oranges (his favorite). Again, oranges are another food I can always count on him eating. The chicken salad was hit or miss but the kid loves club crackers. We do a bath every other night, so tonight was an “off” night. After dinner Theo played upstairs with Dad and bedtime came around very early tonight. Remember when I said that our schedule gets way off when we sleep in? He only took *maybe* an hour long nap today, so he was in for an early bedtime. He thankfully went down without a fuss. Dad reported that he crawled over to the baby gate in the play room, laid down, and started sucking his thumb around 6 pm LOL. He L O V E S sleep, almost as much as he loves pancakes.