Peloton Bike+

Our Christmas present to ourselves in 2020 was purchasing a Peloton Bike+. My only regret is that we didn’t buy it sooner. Here are some of the reasons why I love the Peloton so much.

Space: it takes up hardly any room. They recommend having 2 feet on all sides of the bike, but ours is in a much smaller space and it works just fine.

Apparel : since you’re working out in your own home, I’m comfortable just working out in yoga pants and a sports bra.

Commute: I am a lazy person who loves exercise. My biggest barrier to working out has always been getting in the car to go to the gym and “wasting” time commuting. With the Peloton, my commute is literally up the stairs, so I don’t have any excuses. The naptime hustle is real!

Privacy: you can moan, grunt, yell, sigh, swear, etc. as loud as you want during class without judgement. Unless you live really close to your neighbors…

Time: sometimes you want to get in a quick workout but you only have 10 minutes. With Peloton, there’s something for everyone. Maybe a 15 minute HIIT class, or a 20 minute recovery ride, or go all-out with a 60 minute bike bootcamp.

Other classes: Peloton offers strength, core, no-equipment cardio, barre classes, and the list goes on! My personal favorite are the meditations. I’ve been doing a sleep meditation every night before bed. I went from having to take Benadryl before bed to be able to fall asleep, to barely being able to finish a 20 minute meditation. It’s changed the sleep game for me!

Right now, Peloton is offering two months free of their app, if you’d like to try out some of their classes. If you decide to order a bike or treadmill, I have a referral code (BPVY4W) that will give you $100 off of accessories, if you purchase the equipment.

If you have a Peloton, follow me on the app! My leaderboard name is @katootah

Best Body Bootcamp 4 – Week 1

Two posts in a row… cray-cray!

So I’ve made it 5 days of Best Body Bootcamp, and I live to tell the tale.

This week has been really good – after oh… 2 months of not caring at all about what I ate, and exercising sporadically, it feels so good to be back in a routine of healthy living. After being on a candy bender over Christmas, I had to detox myself. My sweets of choice this week have been: berries, sugar free pudding, and a few bowls of peanut butter Cheerios (love). No chocolate or candy – it’s helped cut down on the sugar cravings dramatically, or maybe it’s all in my head. Who knows, either way, I’m gonna go with it.

For Best Body Bootcamp, we have to set two healthy goals each week. They could be anything related to healthy living. I chose: walk Jerry around the block and floss every night. Things I should be doing every day right? Right, but I wasn’t. I had a dog that also needed to be on a post-holiday diet, and my teeth just felt gross. Everyday (except today) has been decent weather-wise, and I’ve managed to get Jerry around the block (or longer) every day! We did make it on a walk today, even though it was a little dreary. He loves it, and I am enjoying it too. Most days I take him for a quick walk at lunchtime, which works perfectly. A nice break in the day for both of us!

As far as workouts go, it feels really good to be back at the gym. This is what I have done so far this week, and what I have planned for the weekend.

Monday: Core class + 30 minutes of elliptical intervals
Tuesday: Boot Camp Fitness Test + circuit intervals on the stability ball and treadmill (bootcamp workout)
Wednesday: 75 minute walk with Jerry, still didn’t tire him out
Thursday: 45 minute Centergy class (5:45 AM – a FIRST in my life, a morning workout. Can’t say I loved it, but I didn’t hate it)
Friday: 40 minute walk with Jerry
Saturday: Core circuit (bootcamp workout)
Sunday: Maybe Centergy class, maybe more circuit intervals, maybe nothing??

I’m more motivated than I have ever been to get fit. I have a lot of reasons why, but the most important reason is that I want to do it for me!

I’m off to enjoy my evening – the family is coming to town tomorrow because my parents are adopting a new puppy! More to come… 🙂 

My running legs…

I feel like they are back! I have had some serious doubts recently on whether or not I want to keep running.  Last week’s cold set me back once again, and not to continue making excuses… but I am not a natural runner, so pretty much any semi-lengthy break feels like I am just starting over again. I have come to terms with the fact that running will probably never be easy for me, but I will have good days and bad days, and it is totally OK to walk whenever I feel like it! I am trying to take the pressure off myself, but I am a perfectionist in a lot of areas in my life, and that is starting to rub off on my exercise habits. I don’t think that is the best feature, so I am working on it… one day at a time, right?

This week has been kind of rough at work, and instead of coming home to pout on the couch and emotionally eat like ‘old Katie’ would do, I got my running shoes on and worked it out!

This is my excited face. 

I just have to share my success story from today. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do workout-wise, but I got my shoes on and headed out the door anyway. It was too gorgeous to just stay inside. I figured my legs would take me somewhere, at some pace, and I’d eventually end up back at my apartment. Well, my legs started running, and (for me) my legs started running fast! I decided to do a 2-mile, mostly flat loop, because I am still warming back up to running since my few days off due to my cold. I finished the first mile at a 10 minute per mile pace, and then I had to slow myself down for the second mile. I wanted to bring my heart rate down a bit, so I slowed it down to a sub-12 minute per mile pace. I finished the 2 miles in 22 minutes flat (with one 20 – 30 second delay waiting at an intersection). I think that is the fastest that I have ever completed a run!

Today’s run was a great one. I felt powerful and strong! It definitely gave me some inspiration to ‘just keep running…’