Dupe Scoop: Sam’s Club Spicy Chicken Sandwich versus Chick-fil-A

Here’s a new series I’m starting called “dupe scoop.” It seems like dupes of everything are very trendy right now, and I’m not above a cheap knockoff, if it works well.

I started seeing people post about the Member’s Mark Spicy Chicken Sandwich at Sam’s Club, and how it’s a great knockoff to Chick-Fil-A. I wasn’t sure if anything could top Chick-fil-A but I’m obviously open to try.

Chick-fil-A sauce from pantry lol

Well, I was influenced and they were NOT wrong. I prepared the sandwich in the air fryer.

The chicken patty itself had the same flavor, juiciness, and spice level of the original. It obviously wasn’t deep fried, but the air fryer did a really nice job crisping it up.

The bun tasted more dense and less buttery than Chick-fil-A, but it was still extremely good. It was also a bit sweeter, almost like a yeast roll versus the standard Chick-fil-A bun. Again, can’t complain there. For me, the texture of the bun was the only noticeable difference, but not in a bad way at all.

I dressed mine with mayo and pickle slices (generic dill pickles from the grocery store), which is exactly how I eat my spicy chicken sandwich also!

Diet lemonade from actual Chick-fil-A

In summary, if you’re looking for an at-home substitute for Chick-fil-A on Sunday’s, or a random Tuesday for dinner, this is a GREAT alternative. In fact, even if someone is a CFA enthusiast, I would be surprised if they noticed a significant difference difference. The sandwiches are individually frozen. 15 minutes in the air fryer and done.

We paired ours with the Chick-fil-A dupe fries from Sam’s Club as well. I will do a side by side review on those with CFA fries, because I cannot taste a difference at all.

If you aren’t one for spice, they also make a standard version that I would bet also rivals Chick-fil-A as well. Should I do a review?!

What do you usually order at Chick-fil-A? What’s your favorite sauce at Chick-fil-A?

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