8 things they don’t tell you about having a toddler

I’ve had a toddler for approximate 2 months, so I’m definitely now an expert (LOL). Anyway, it’s been a much different experience than I expected. Although, I don’t know what I really expected.

They need way more than an infant does. More things to do, more clothes, more food (more on that later), more attention, more everything. Here’s a list of some things they don’t tell you about the transition to toddlerhood.

(1) Toys are actually overrated and a toddler will prefer to play with anything that isn’t actually a toy. Pictured below? Tubby Todd lotion and the Fire Stick remote.

(2) If you’re still breastfeeding, one day you’ll be emotional because you think they are almost done. The next day they will be trying to nurse 7 times that day.

(3) You’ll never eat alone again. You’ll have to share your food. If you don’t want to share your food, you better hide when you’re eating it, or eat when they are asleep.

(4) On that note, toddlers can eat an astounding amount. Some days, Theo definitely eats more than I do.

(5) Toddlers have a LOT of opinions, and if they are not yet verbal, those opinions can cause tantrums. The only way for them to express their opinions sometimes is to yell at you. Don’t take offense to this. They are just trying to communicate. But, sometimes you feel defeated at the end of the day if you’ve spent all day getting yelled at.

(6) They never stop moving. They have unlimited stores of energy apparently. Theo loves watching tv but he will only sit still to watch tv if he’s really tired. Otherwise he’s bouncing off the walls and the tv is just on in the background.

(7) Diaper changes are like wrestling an alligator. They are strong and they are feisty and they don’t like being on their back. You can try singing songs or giving them something to play with, but nine times out of ten, a diaper change will end in tears (one or both of you).

(8) The pure sweetness. I must end on a good note!! A friend of mine shared that her toddler started holding her hand while they watched a movie together. I occasionally rock Theo for a few minutes before he goes to bed (when he lets me), and he will reach up and grab my face with both hands, and give me a kiss. Having a toddler is hard, but those moments make up for all of it.

If you have been through the toddler phase, what surprised you the most about the toddler transition?