What’s in store in Baltimore?

Happy Hump Day everyone! Its been a pretty good day. Shelly and I had an “organize it!” day at work today. So we got the office as organized as we could so we can keep up with all of the information that is flooding in every day! Tomorrow we are gettin’ back out there and getting the SALES! (Mike, that was for you if you are reading this… haha)

This weekend I am going to Baltimore to visit Meredith who has an amazing internship at Johns Hopkins. Casey and I are taking the train there and back- it should be quite the adventure! Orioles game on Friday, out Downtown on Saturday, and I am meeting some of Casey’s family that lives up there on Sunday, and we leave early Monday morning to head back to the Cary train station via a 2 hour stop in D.C. which will be fun! This is trip 1 of 2 this summer to Baltimore. Mike and Shelly are bringing me along for the Town Planner conference which I think will be an awesome/fun/exciting/educational experience!

I am about to Skype with Meredith about some more details about this weekend. I can’t wait! Oh, and I got new glasses today. Yay!