Lady eats-a-lot and sleeps-a-lot

A mini-entry because I am tired, and writing from Chicago… I know, I know, I promised I would be in Knoxville the next time I wrote but I have recently ignored my blog.

Goals for the weekend:
Write a legitimate blog post.
Eat NO carbs, I mean none.
Spend NO money, well, maybe some… I need milk…
Catch up on TiVo shows.
Prep for Atlanta trip.
Go see a movie. Oh crap, that costs money.
Figure out when classes start, seriously.

Yeah, I think that’s about it.

I think my blog is probably like reading a Faulkner book… My stream-of-consciousness is extremely “nonsensical” especially when I am tired. Sorry, everyone.

Closing thought: I love this place, Sharpies : Oakbrook Building :: Halloween Candy : Front Porches on 10/31. They hand them out like candy… and well, I love candy, and Sharpies.

One thought on “Lady eats-a-lot and sleeps-a-lot

  1. MMJ

    Let me help you check that last one off your list, August 25th. Your welcome. Need any other tips just let me know. I'm an ECU pro now, well ok maybe not really but I know some stuff.


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