Dinner with Friends and Family

Confession: I didn’t really have dinner with my friends and family, but I did reheat a portion of my meal that was cooked by my dad, fix pasta salad inspired by my friend, and made a side from my farm share!

#1 – Turkey Meatloaf. My dad made this for me last week and I brought it back to my apartment! I have been looking forward to eating it, because it is a little piece of home!

#2 – Pasta salad. Betsy posted a recipe last week for some pasta salad! I stuck (for the most part) to the recipe, except I used half of these in lieu of the mixed veggies: 1/2 yellow squash, 1/2 zucchini, 1/2 head of broccoli. I roasted these veggies in the oven until they softened and got that delicious flavor. I also only had ‘fiesta ranch’ dressing mix on hand, but this just gave the pasta salad a little extra kick. It was great today, but I can’t wait to eat this after it has sat over night!

#3 – Mashed potato, turnip, and Jerusalem artichoke. This was a major experiment which turned out decent! I cubed up and boiled one potato, one large and three small turnips, and three Jerusalem Artichokes (which are not really artichokes, but a root vegetable and to me, they looked positively intimidating). I had no idea what to do with it, so I tossed it in the mash! Once tender, I drained and mashed with a splash of chicken broth, salt, pepper, and fresh garlic. Pretty yummy! Next time I would definitely want them to be creamier, maybe add some cream cheese or milk – but these clocked in at 1 Point Plus per serving, and I wanted to keep it low this time around.

This meal is going to be a repeat! Kind of a random combination of food items, but it somehow all went nicely together. Especially the meatloaf and mash. Good thing I liked it, I have enough leftovers for 3 more meals… oh, the joys of living alone…

On a side note, this is what my kitchen looked like after I cooked… Usually I clean as I go, and load the dishwasher as I am working. But, this is what you get when the dishwasher is running as you are cooking… it is now back to normal, phew!

On a second side note, I feel really good about how I have been eating for the past week. I have been on-plan since Friday. Working out and eating right is making a difference – while it doesn’t really show on the scale (I have lost 1 lb, but am still 5 lbs up from where I feel like I should be, and Weight Watchers says I am 10 away…), I do like the way that my body is changing from running. I haven’t been fully committed to Weight Watchers, and I realize this – even when I pretend I am committed, the plan doesn’t work unless you really stick to it. I really want to lose those 5 lbs before my birthday. This may or may not happen since the scale just hasn’t wanted to budge in 3 months, but I am going to put in my best effort. This means minimal eating out, a commitment to working out 4 – 5 times per week, and in an ideal world, no going out – which won’t be too difficult; for the duration of the next month, I will be wrapping up my final semester and focusing on school, work, and ME!

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