MLK Jr. Weekend in DC

I spent the last weekend in Washington DC, visiting two of my dear friends:

Keena and Christine.

I took Amtrak from Charlotte to Washington DC – would I do it again? Maybe, but probably not… airplanes are faster. Taking the train from Charlotte to Raleigh is a much more reasonable distance. However, you got to take big suitcases on the train – and being the control freak that I am, I like to have my luggage with me at all times. Relinquishing the carry on at the gate check is very challenging for me. In the wintertime, being able to take a big piece of luggage with you (for free) is critical since clothes are so much more.. voluminous. P.S. I miss summer.

If you can’t tell from these photos, we had an awesome time. We enjoyed the International Spy Museum where I got some very valuable training on spy technology and tactics. Will serve useful in my ‘side job.’ If I told you more, I’d have to…. well, you know… naturally, we weren’t allowed to take pictures. Grr. Don’t they know I need to document everything?!?

We also went to the Smithsonian Museum of American History, where we took plenty of pictures. It was  really cold. Yes, I was outside in the cold. I know this is unheard of and really not normal behavior for one who hibernates all winter, but I had some tourist-y things to do.

Such as, take pictures of monuments.

And, pretend to be the president. Watch out 2016…

The weekend ended perfectly, with all things North Carolina. Drinking Cheerwine at Ray’s Hell Burger. I was so excited for the burger to arrive, that I completely forgot to take a picture… So let me tell you: the burger was rubbed in a spicy chipotle sauce, cooked medium, and topped with sauteed mushrooms, onions, and brie cheese. Nothing better than brie on a burger, in my opinion. It. Was. Amazing. With a side of mac and cheese. Do yourself a favor, and go there.

At Union Station in DC, where my train was departing, there happens to be a Bojangles – while I have a Bojangles approximately 3 blocks from my apartment, my DC friends do not. Can you believe the only one in DC is located at the train station?! Anyway, a kids supreme meal for me it was! The fries were eh, the chicken and biscuit were delicious, and so was the honey mustard.

The train ride back wasn’t quite as pleasant as the train ride in – it seemed about 2 hours longer (it kind of was, of course there were plenty of delays), lots of screaming children, and a hacking sick coughing woman sitting directly behind me. I am currently crossing my fingers, hoping that I do not get sick!

DC has always been one of my favorite cities, and now it is even better since two of my wonderful friends live there. Thanks to both Keena and Christine for a fantastic weekend. I can’t wait to come back and visit, when it is warmer. I promise I will be back when the high is at least 70 degrees.

In closing, my favorite picture of the weekend. This basically sums up our friendship.

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