More hypocritical parenting things

Ugh. I annoy myself SO MUCH. Ever since my last post on this topic, thought of more hypocritical parenting things that I just need to put out there into the universe, because I used to be such a judgemental childless jerk.

I never understood why parents didn’t (1) button their child’s onesie or (2) not put pants on their child.

Have you ever tried changing a one year old’s diaper? It’s literally like wrestling an alligator. And when poop is involved? Forget about it. By the time I get the diaper changed, and the shirt on, I am usually out of breath and sweating. Unless we are going into the outside world, Theo is staying in last night’s pajamas or just wearing a shirt. Putting pants on him is like a WWE match. Even buttoning his onesie is quite a challenge, so some days, his flaps fly in the wind as he plays with his toys.

No pants party

We have finally reached the point in Theo’s life where he will no longer just hang with us at a restaurant, letting us linger leisurely over beers (lol, he’s never done that but at least when he was a tiny baby, he slept). Now he eats food, throws food, and yells. Have I brought my iPad to dinner with me? Yes. Will I let him watch Dora the Explorer on my phone so we can finish dinner? Yes. Will I be asking for an iPad for him for Christmas? Also, yes.

Before our last meal out went completely downhill

Those are my two most recent examples, and I cringe at my former self. I am sure I’ll be back soon to discuss how much of a hypocrite I am!

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