Self-Care for Moms

Self-care is hard to come by these days – we’ve all survived a year in a global pandemic, and everyone needs to take some time for self-care, whether you are a mom, or not! Working moms and stay-at-home moms need to take time for themselves, so they can refill their tank. The lines are blurred with kids though, and sometimes just doing simple errands or every day chores can be considered self-care. Spoiler alert! Those items are not self-care, those are things that other people get to do every day for themselves without even thinking twice about it.

I hope that all moms out there were able to practice some self-care this Mother’s Day, and every day after that.

What self care for moms isn’t:

  • Going to the grocery store or running errands alone
  • Taking a shower
  • Going to the bathroom alone
  • Returning texts or emails on your phone while your child watches cartoons
  • Going through the Starbucks drive through with (or even without) a crying toddler

What self care for moms is:

  • Going for a leisurely stroll through Target with no list and no budget
  • Relaxing in the bath
  • Watching True Crime on the big TV (you know, the one that usually has cartoons on it)
  • Putting on a face mask and setting that 20 minute timer without interruption
  • Exercising, and being able to take an uninterrupted shower afterwards
  • Hiring a babysitter, so that you can relax without guilt

2 thoughts on “Self-Care for Moms

  1. bosssybabe

    Amen!! Let me toilet alone!!! I always want to internally scream LOL thanks for pointing out that doing every day this isn’t self-care… We hold our mental health in such low priority sometimes we need a good kick in the butt reminder!


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