Fine tune

This past week, I went to the Miranda Lambert concert – it was supposed to be last week, but she had to postpone the dates due to the unfortunate death of Blake Shelton’s dad. If you did not know, they are married.

It was completely worth the wait – the concert was amazing, emotional, and full of girl power! Pink guitar, pink microphone, pink tights. Miranda is my kind of girl.

You could tell it was hard for her to be back on stage after such a difficult week, but she was definitely a trooper. The video below was my favorite moment of the concert. Miranda always comes across as a tough cookie, but she showed her vulnerable side, and I was able to really appreciate that. There was not a dry eye in the house. This song makes me cry whenever I hear it driving in the car, so of course I was crying during the concert. There may not have been a dry eye in the house.

Best quote of the night: “Don’t tell anyone I cried all night, or I’ll kick your ass.”

She played a good variety of old singles, and new songs off of her record. I really enjoyed her performance of ‘Fine Tune’ because that is one of my favorite songs off her new album. It is unique. If you have not purchased Four the Record yet, go do it. Now. I’m telling you. It is one of the best albums I have heard in a while. I don’t have the urge to skip a single song.

On a side note, in my original seat, I was sandwiched between two 30-something year old women swooning over Chris Young. Back off bitches, he’s mine. And two very horny 50-year old’s that would NOT stop touching each other and making out. If this is not bad enough, at one point during the set change, the gentleman stood up and his ‘friend’ asked if he needed to get up. He said “ha, no.. I’m just checking to make sure you are the right height *winky face.*” Her face was indeed in his crotch, and then she proceeded to rub her hands around that area. Luckily, I was able to move a few rows down where my friends were sitting.  I could not take much more of that! Imagine what would have happened when the lights were out…. even TEENAGERS do not behave that way at a concert. I was thoroughly grossed out.

I cannot avoid awkward situations, no matter where I go.

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