Corporate Challenge 5K

On Saturday morning, our 2012 Corporate Challenge kicked off with a 5K hosted by my company. The first 5K I ever ran was in October. I had one goal and one goal only that time: finish. I did with a time of 40:50! This time I wanted to finish in under less than 36 minutes (12:00 pace). The course was around our work, which is fairly hilly, and I wasn’t sure how treacherous the course would be. I didn’t want to make any commitments I couldn’t keep! I thought as sub-36 5K was very reasonable for me. Also, it was about 5 minutes faster than my first 5K time.

The weather was iffy, but the rain did hold off and the clouds kept it pretty cool. The temperature was perfect for the run (50-ish degrees). My only complaint was the evil hill sometime during mile 2. We had to run down the hill, knowing that shortly we would have to run back up it. That was killer a bit of a challenge, but I ran the entire time! And… I know you are all wondering how I did…

Evil hill. 

Well, I did it! I finished in 34:14 (chip time) with an average pace of 11:01. I was really excited and proud of myself. That is 7 (SEVEN!) minutes off of my first 5K time. As soon as I finished, I headed home for a really fun surprise!

This was before I ran. Sharpie represent! Side note: so brave. No makeup on. 

My newest goal is to be able to run a 5K at a 10 minute mile pace. I don’t have any 5K’s right now on the radar, but I am sure I will find one in Charlotte or Raleigh in the next few months and hopefully meet that goal! Anyone in the area know of a good race and want to join me?!

2 thoughts on “Corporate Challenge 5K

  1. Susan

    Here's one you might want to consider in Bond Park:North Carolina 5K Walk Run for MPS and ML National MPS Society's NC Run is one of over 20 runs nationwide. Started in 2000, when there was no treatment available for any child with an MPS or ML disorder. Most all children died before adulthood from the devastating effects of this disease. Although there is currently no cure for MPS, research is making great strides.


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