Getting back on track

The past 5 days or so have really not been good, food-wise (workouts have been going as planned most of the time). I have been eating like crap: whatever I want, whenever I want. And for at least a week (or two) prior to that, I felt myself slipping in to old habits when it came to food. And I can see it reflecting in my waistline. While I don’t think I have actually gained weight, I know I am doing something wrong and I need to get it back in check ASAP!

Today I had a really bad food day, and I didn’t work out. A recipe for disaster.

I also took a 7 day (!!) hiatus from eating out, ending this past Friday night. I have more than made up for that this week, and now I feel like I am FULL of sodium and ridiculously bloated. Sorry to be so descriptive, but I really just have to get all this out here!

Here are some short-term SMART goals to help me get back on track

Tomorrow: no eating out (period. it’s just 24 hours.), start the day with a protein shake, bring cheese sticks to work for something healthy to hold me over between meals (if necessary), eat something green with my lunch and dinner (edamame with lunch, dinner is TBD).

This week: no boozing it Thursday or Friday nights, workout in the evenings, keep on drinking a ton of water.

This weekend: no eating out with the exception of Saturday night, because I will not be at my apartment (possibly Sunday AM too, depending on how I feel). Get a workout in on Saturday AM.

Next week: eat low-carb Sunday (dinner) through Friday (lunchtime). Workout every day after work (no excuses). Note: The last time I did a low-carb diet I was in high school and I tried South Beach. I was a raging bitch the entire time and I think I made it through 4 days of Phase 1. We’ll see how this goes….

Next weekend: I will be in DC so all bets are off food-wise. I need to keep my snacking in check, focus on getting veggies in as often as possible, chug water, and plan to walk as much as I can while I am there! All very reasonable goals!

If you made it this far, thanks for listening to me vent and plan!

These goals should help me get back on track food-wise… starting NOW! Will I be eating intuitively? Not exactly, but I will be eating when my body tells me it wants food instead of the random grazing I have been doing the past week or so. I do so much better starting my morning with some eggs and having a higher protein lunch and dinner, instead of filling myself up with carbs (*ahem* today *ahem*). It also helps when I have a tough workout – I am much more inclined to make good food choices.

After next weekend in DC, I will come back to revisit these goals and see how I did. I am not weighing myself or anything like that – I just want to feel better and beat the bloat! I don’t need to be counteracting all of the hard work I am doing with Best Body Bootcamp by eating badly.

Any delicious or creative low-carb snack or breakfast ideas?? I am looking for alternatives to egg-in-a-mug and string cheese. 

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