Dupe Scoop: Lululemon Headbands

Does anyone have workout headbands that constantly fall off of them? I have a few Lululemon headbands (pictures above) and I cannot keep them on. I have pretty thin hair so it’s easy for them to slip right off. I’m constantly adjusting the headband – whether I’m working out, or just hanging out at home. It’s really annoying.

I finally found a cute headband that stays put during my workouts, errands around town, going for walks, etc. Erase Athletics headbands actually stay put. And they have tons of cute colors.

I constantly have baby hairs flying in my face due to postpartum hair loss / regrowth, so this headband has been a critically important wardrobe component for me lately!

Use code “piecesofcake” at Erase Athletics to get 25% off of your headband purchase!

This post is not sponsored. It’s just a product I purchased with my own money and enjoy!

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